Tinctures for mastopathy.

Tinctures for mastopathy.

Alcohol tinctures are called an effective additional tool in the treatment of mastopathy of a different nature. Treatment does not stop until relief.

1. Take partitions from thirty walnuts. Pour to 100 ml of alcohol. Allow to stand for five days and filter. They drink twenty drops four times, washed down with a small amount of clean water.

2. Half a liter of alcohol pour fifty grams of propolis. After ten days, filter. Pour tincture into a container of dark glass. Take five drops added to water three times.
Before starting treatment, it is recommended to make sure that there is no allergic reaction to beekeeping products.

3. Pour 100 g of fresh leaves or stems of echinacea into a glass container. Pour a liter of quality vodka and leave for two weeks to infuse in a place away from direct sunlight. Shake the container periodically. The strained tincture is used inside thirty drops three times a day on an empty stomach, thereby increasing the body’s resistance to the disease.
Echinacea-based drugs are not recommended for people with a tendency to increased irritability.

4. At the pharmacy they buy alcohol tincture of sabretnik. Apply by diluting in a tablespoon of water. Repeat administration three times a day. Cinquefoil tincture has anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects.

Tinctures for mastopathy.

5. Take 1 kg of chopped celandine leaves, a similar amount of white mistletoe leaves. Add half a kilogram of chopped calendula flowers and 100 g of dry calamus root. Put the mix of the components in a bottle and pour vodka so as to cover the raw materials. Withstand away from sunlight for a week. In the first two weeks they use 1 tsp. three times on an empty stomach, after which the dosage is increased — 1 tbsp. l three times. Treatment is performed until the end of the folk remedy.
The composition is toxic. Self-medication with it is a health hazard.

6. Combine 100 ml of corn oil, 100 ml of aloe juice, 100 ml of radish juice and 100 ml of vodka. Two weeks insist in a place protected from the sun. Filter. The finished product is used for resorption of formations of 1 tbsp. l three times in 24 hours on an empty stomach.

7. In order to eliminate pain and inflammation in mastopathy, horse chestnut tincture is used. Pour 50 g of flowers with 500 ml of wheat vodka for fourteen days. Accepted after filtration three times a day, twenty-five drops, diluted in water.
The recipe is not suitable for people who have a bleeding disorder.

8. Collect fresh hats of fly agaric. Cut, pre-rinsing under running water, and pour the same amount of medical alcohol in volume. Two weeks tincture is stored in a place inaccessible to the sun, and then filtered. Take one drop per day for a week, after which they begin to increase the dose, gradually reaching twenty drops.
Reception of tincture is unacceptable, since fly agaric is extremely toxic!

Tinctures for mastopathy.

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