Ulcer relief.

The right menu for a nurse: principles of healthy eating.

Ulcer relief.

Gastric ulcer is one of the most common diseases in the world. Ulcer relief. When it is found, the first thing to do is to radically re-examine the diet. And today on the agenda — a diet for the nurse, recipes for every day and general recommendations.

Ulcer relief. Who is to blame and what to do?

Scientists have found that the main culprit in the occurrence of an ulcer is the helicobacter pylori bacterium, which attacks the cells of the gastric mucosa and provokes erosion.

However, often the cause of the disease is malnutrition, smoking and alcohol abuse, persistent stress and some medications. In any case, you should first contact a doctor to determine the exact cause and the necessary medication. The next important step is to make the right menu for the ulcer.

To begin with, you will have to change some eating habits. If stomach ulcer is important, avoid prolonged fasting. The interval between meals should be a maximum of three hours. Ideally, you need to follow the formula: three basic meals plus three snacks between them.

The last reception should be completed no later than two hours before bedtime. Along with this, you need to consume a large amount of water. It is advisable to drink a glass of water half an hour before meals and an hour and a half later.

Food, harm carrier.

What foods can not be used in any case? At the head of the list — fried, fatty, spicy and rough food. Strangely enough, this definition falls not only on your favorite fried potatoes, ruddy chops or burning spices. Red meat, even cooked without frying, also carries a threat.

Animal protein increases acidity in the stomach, and its coarse fibers can further damage the mucosa. It will also be necessary to distribute with the by-products, sausages, smoked products, sausages and other semi-finished products.

Strongly contraindicated raw vegetables. For all its usefulness, hard fiber can damage an already vulnerable mucosa. Fried vegetables are also destructive for an ulcer. The best solution will be a mild steam treatment. Fruits and berries must undergo rigorous selection.

Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, pineapples, kiwi, grapes, sour berries, as well as natural juices with their participation are excluded from the diet without delay. As, however, and high-calorie sweets: cookies, chocolate, sweets and cakes, full of trans fats.

The same fate must be grasped by nuts, seeds and chips, the rough structure of which does not promise anything but suffering to the stomach. Tea and especially coffee are strictly forbidden, because they have an irritating effect.

Food as medicine.

From forbidden fruits we pass to the allowed. The menu for a peanut for a week must necessarily include enveloping cereals: oatmeal, rice or barley. Several times a week you can eat veal, rabbit or chicken. In this case, the latter should be relieved of oily skin. Cooked eggs are recommended not to be used more than three times a week.

As already noted, vegetables in the diet are allowed only if they are boiled, stewed or cooked for a couple. The most useful vegetables with an ulcer are carrots, beets, pumpkin, zucchini and cauliflower. Among the fruits and berries, the ulcerers also have friends.

First of all, these are bananas, sweet apples and pears without peel, steamed quince, sweet plums without skin, black currant. Bilberry, which has anti-inflammatory properties, will ease the pain. A sea-buckthorn oil effectively heals the damage to the mucosa.

Be sure to add in the diet of yoghurts with live cultures. They suppress the growth of harmful bacteria in the stomach, and the so-called bioavailable protein speeds up the recovery of the mucosa. With exacerbations and during the period of prevention, it is better to drink ordinary or mineral water, selected on the advice of a doctor.

Therapeutic menu.

To simplify the task of making a menu, we offer you some recipes for dishes for ulcers. Boil the potatoes with the beetroot, cut them into strips and season with vegetable oil with a small amount of greens — you will get a delicious and very useful salad.

For lunch, cook a diet pumpkin soup. First, cook 2 tbsp. l. semolina in 3 glasses of milk (about 15 minutes). Separately boil in water 300 grams of chopped pumpkin pieces, chop it in a blender and mix with a mango. Put the soup on a slow fire, add salt and sugar to taste and bring it to a boil.

Recipes for pagans in the multivariate — an excellent choice for a therapeutic diet. With a multivariate it’s easy to make a useful chicken with vegetables.

Slice the diced carrots and zucchini into a bowl of multivarquet. Add 300 grams of cauliflower cut into inflorescences and chopped chicken breast, 1 glass of water and a pinch of dry herbs, turn on the desired regimen.

We hope that our recommendations will be useful to you. However, before taking on the preparation of the right diet, consult a specialist for advice.

Be healthy and take care!


Ulcer relief.

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