Why the weight is not reduced.

Why the weight is not reduced.

Even if you began to engage in fitness and consume healthy foods more and more, this is not a guarantee that excess weight will go away as much as you would like. You ask yourself about the possible causes of failure, but nothing comes to mind. In fact, it may turn out that there are only 10 reasons why you are not losing weight.

Reasons why I can not lose weight?

You overeat healthy food.

Nuts, avocados, dark chocolate, olive oil, etc. — Healthy food, but it is not devoid of calories. Even eating right, you need to keep track of how much food you consume.

Avocado — a storehouse of valuable vitamins and minerals. But one avocado contains 200 calories.

You do not have breakfast.

The misconception that skipping breakfast will save calories. In fact, this is not so. When no food enters the body, it begins to «clutch» for fat, believing that it is starving. It is scientifically proven that people who eat breakfast regularly lose more weight than those who prefer to give it up. Breakfast starts the metabolic process, so important for weight loss. But remember that you can’t just grab something, you need to include proteins and other useful substances in your breakfast.

You eat too much.

When the question arises of weight loss, the rule of «food weighing» must be observed. There should be small portions, but often. For those who are losing weight, this measure is absolutely necessary. Measure on a kitchen scale or using tablespoons how much your portion should be. Even if at first you are not left feeling hungry after eating, do not give in to temptation. Very soon you will be fed up with what you have set aside for yourself.

You eat on the go.

In fact, when we eat, we should fully focus on this process. If something distracts you, for example, TV, other people’s conversations, your brain skips the information that the stomach sends to it. Therefore, it does not have time to get enough, even if the stomach is already full. Accordingly, he sends a signal that he wants some more food. You, thinking that you really want to eat, indulge him in every way possible. Pay special attention to meals and other snacks throughout the day. At least 15 minutes is enough for this.

You are not sleeping enough.

It turns out that healthy sleep is very important for losing weight. During the day, you give a lot of energy to work, exercises and other routine tasks. In the evening, your body just longs for rest. Lack of sleep can lead to the fact that the body ceases to control its appetite. It is proved that lack of sleep leads to stimulation of hormones responsible for appetite.

You are abusing low-calorie foods.

Switching to low calorie foods can be deceiving. To compensate for the lack of «high-calorie» components that provide a particular product with a pleasant taste and aroma, manufacturers resort to sugar, sodium and other chemical sweeteners. Low-calorie foods are not only malnutrition, they are also easier to «taste.» Therefore, you eat more food. In the end, it turns out that you consumed more calories than if you ate a standard portion of regular food.

You do not consume enough vegetables.

For proper nutrition, which can lead to long-awaited weight loss, you need to include vegetables in your diet. Vegetables are rich not only in vitamins that are important for weight loss, but also in fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, eliminating toxins and toxins, and vegetables are also long-digested foods. This is what helps you feel full for a long time.

You think walking with a dog is enough.

Of course, a 15-minute walk is better than nothing, but do not expect to see great weight loss. In order for the annoying kilograms to want to leave you, you need to do at least 30 minutes of cardio workouts daily. Running, push-ups, interval training, and long trips are perfect.

You do not cut food into small pieces.

Something as simple as cutting food into small portions can be of great benefit to your figure. Cutting food into small pieces may seem like a child’s occupation, but it has been scientifically proven that people find small portions more satisfying their appetite, and, therefore, are satisfied with less eaten.

You still drink diet drinks.

Soda, cola, Pepsi — provoke your weight. Even if you choose dietary options for these drinks, this does not mean that you can safely drink them. Sweeteners cheat on your brain, which is already set up to get something sweet. As a result, you will not be able to think of anything but to eat something tasty. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume diet drinks have a 500% more waistline than people who prefer water or tea.

Why the weight is not reduced.

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