Recipes masks.

Recipes masks.

The use of wheat germ oil for facial skin — recipes for masks.
The best recipes for homemade face masks with wheat oil.

Mask with germ oil for wrinkles.

Result: The lightweight structure of the germ oil is effective against wrinkles of the delicate skin of the eyelids and the mouth. Stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis, the restoration of membrane cell structures home facial masks.

• 17 drops of wheat oil;
• 5 sprigs of parsley;
• potatoes.
Preparation and method of application: peel the raw root crop, bring to uniformity on the combine. Add base oil and chopped herbs, mix well. Remove the make-up with a micellar, lie down, close your eyes, distribute the anti-aging composition over the entire surface of the eyelids and the mouth. After about 20 minutes, remove the remaining mass, moisturize the dermis pointwise with gel with hyaluronic acid.

Acne Germ Oil Mask

Result: cleansing and easy moisturizing, mandatory procedures for oily skin at home. It is possible to cure already existing acne, normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands independently, thanks to natural components.
• 15 drops of wheat oil;
• 2 tablets of ascorutin;
• 7 gr. yellow clay.
Preparation and method of application: crush the tabletted vitamin C, mix well with a natural sorbent, introduce moisturizing oil. Steam the surface of the dermis for about three minutes with a hot towel, apply a therapeutic cleansing mass in circular movements along the lines of lymph movement. To complete the manipulation in twenty minutes, washing with water and lemongrass oil.

Mask with wheat germ oil and honey.

The result: maximum nutrition and toning provide natural recipes for the skin. Effective face masks based on healing oil and bee products activate blood circulation, improve the color and structure of the epidermis. For sensitive, prone to allergic reactions, dermis, it is first necessary to test the composition so as not to harm.
• 20 drops of wheat germ oil;
• 12 gr. meadow honey or acacia;
• 3 gr. pergi;
• 6 gr. rice flour.
Preparation and method of application: turn cereal into flour on a coffee grinder or purchase ready-made. Add cosmetic oil, pollen and honey, clean the dermis with a thermal agent. Spread with a plastic spatula in a continuous uniform layer. Complete the procedure after half an hour, rinsing with a decoction of rose hips with rosewood oil.

Mask with wheat germ oil and olive.

Result: wheat oil for the skin as part of the best recipes for masks enriches cells with vitamins, minerals, organic acids. Natural procedure will give beauty, youth and radiance, universal for all types of dermis. For aging skin, carry out a cycle of 15 sessions.
• 18 drops of wheat oil;
• 8 drops of olive oil;
• 20 gr. bodyads.
Preparation and method of application: crush pressed algae, add wheat oil and olives, dilute with distilled water. Remove the make-up with a decoction of plantain, with a wide cosmetic brush, apply the composition from bottom to top. Complete the procedure after forty minutes of active action.

Mask with wheat germ oil and grape seed oil.

Result: the recipe for dry skin, which is easily embodied with your own hands, prevents dehydration and vitamin deficiency of the dermis. Base oils are quickly absorbed without clogging pores, restore oxygen respiration of cells.
• 8 drops of wheat oil;
• 8 drops of grape oil;
• mango;
• 6 gr. pink clay.
Preparation and method of application: peel the aromatic fruit, bring the flesh to uniformity on the combine. Add clay and base oils, mix well. Steam the dermis with a decoction of chamomile, with a cosmetic spatula, distribute the composition with a three millimeter layer. After 40 minutes, remove the remaining mass with mineral water and bergamot oil.

Recipes masks.

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