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Beautiful hands.

Beautiful hands — every woman’s dream.

Beautiful hands.

What length of nails is optimal?

Nails should be the same length, and best of all, if the nails reach the tips of your fingers. A healthy nail covers all the nail bed. Beautiful hands.
Shorter nails should not be so that the skin does not protrude outward.

Longer nails can be — this is the decision of the person himself, whether to wear long nails or not to wear it.

Beautiful hands.

The color of varnish is also chosen by everyone. In addition, someone manages to cover their nails with red lacquer in three strokes, and someone does not. Do not be sad, but remember that a soft varnish of a light tone is applied more easily and there are less visible flaws in its application, it is less erased from the edge and worn longer.

In addition, a transparent, flesh-colored lacquer extends the line of fingers and makes the hands very graceful, well-groomed.

Beautiful hands.

The bodily and milky color of the varnish gives the nails a perfectly healthy appearance, and the nail, covered with such varnish, looks longer and cleaner.

Personally, I prefer varnishes of just such tones and I think that they bring elegance to the image of a woman of any age.

Still I want to pay attention to that, buying a varnish, a cream and in general any cosmetics, look at their period of validity, in the same way as you do at purchase of a foodstuff.


Beautiful hands.


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