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Cellulite treatment.

Fantastic recipes from cellulite.

Cellulite treatment.

What if all the anti-cellulite drugs are tried, but nothing helps?
There are two magic recipes that are called fantastic in the fight against cellulite!

The first recipe.

Cellulite treatment.

Want to get rid of Cellulite — drink breast milk!
That’s right, no more and no less. Where you take it — this is your problem.
Replace it with goat, which in its composition is almost similar to the female breast, so that the prescription can be corrected if necessary. Only his fat particles are larger. That’s why in the absence of breast milk, infants are recommended to feed goat’s milk.

Of course, goat’s milk is useful, but if it does not relieve cellulite, science has not yet said its word.
Simultaneously with the intake of breast milk, change the principles of nutrition
And get rid of bad habits.

Quit Smoking. By the way, smoking has not benefited anyone yet.
On the contrary, smoking destroys vitamin C. To replenish vitamin C you
Should be natural. About booze — only natural wine and then in moderation.

The second recipe.

Cellulite treatment.

Take 3 tablespoons of cod liver oil a day for 4 months. Not very pleasant medicine! But beauty requires sacrifice.
Gather all your willpower to withstand the course to the end. True, fish oil can be washed down with lemon juice.
In order to rid yourself of cellulite, to keep weight or at least lose weight by several kilograms, trace necessarily how much and what you eat.
Believe it! At the end of the term, namely, the fourth month you completely get rid of cellulite.


Cellulite treatment.

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