Scars on the face.

Scars on the face.

How to remove scars at home.

Unsuccessful removal of acne and blackheads leads to the formation of a tuberous structure in a small area. If this procedure is repeated regularly, this way you can spoil the entire surface of the face. Homemade recipes for scar masks help smooth out skin and remove discolored pigmentation.

Herbal mask

Facial care takes time and attention. Contributes to improved color and leveling structure, an effective natural recipe. It is convenient to make a large volume, such a mask can be used daily.

It will be required in equal amounts of chamomile grass, nettle and plantain, thoroughly, to the state of the powder, grind in a coffee grinder. Store cosmetic raw materials in hermetically sealed dry containers.

Distribute daily with rubbing movements over the entire surface of the face, diluting slightly with water, leave for five minutes, then rinse off the residue.

Honey mask

Regular use of the following composition will help remove facial scars. For fifteen grams of solid honey you need to take five grams of coffee grounds and the same amount of sea salt. Apply the resulting slurry in a thick layer only to the damaged area of ​​the epidermis, soak for about half an hour.

After removing the product, treat with shea butter or cocoa with nutritious oil, they improve elasticity. Apply the procedure every evening for one month.

In home-made cosmetology, lotions and tonics are widely used, which wipe the affected area in the complex of general therapy.


It is distinguished by a special moisturizing and regenerating action of the integument, and can also be used to treat burns. It will be necessary to grind the flesh of one cucumber in a kitchen machine, pour five hundred ml of mineral water with a high salt content. Add five drops of lavender essential oil to this volume.

Keep the product in the refrigerator for about ten days, soak a cotton pad daily and apply to the scar.


This lotion in its action is similar to the peeling procedure, but has a less aggressive effect. To prepare, you need two hundred grams of any acidic berries — cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, grind and strain through gauze from solid particles.

The resulting homogeneous concentrate diluted with a hundred ml of green tea. Store the finished lotion for about a week in the refrigerator, wiping the problem area daily.

Scars on the face.

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