An effective treatment for gastritis.

An effective treatment for gastritis.

Healthy porridge

Focal and mixed gastritis is treated with porridge with herbs. Two large spoons of calendula color simmer ten minutes on low heat in 200 ml of water. Filter, bring to a boil and introduce three tbsp. l oatmeal. Bringing to a thick consistency, a little honey is introduced. Use twice a day.

Sprouted wheat

It helps with the erosive form of the disease. Washed a few handfuls of wheat, laid out on a wet gauze. Cover with another wet towel and leave it for at least three days. Sprouts are used for salads. You can also take separately by mixing with olive oil.


If gastritis occurs with low acidity, a wavy rhubarb, which has an astringent effect, is indicated. Harvested in the fall, grinding into powder. The roots are washed, cut into pieces, dried under the scorching sun. After the powder is used in the preparation of first courses and salads.
Rhubarb is not recommended for use in the presence of hemorrhoids, as it helps to thin the blood.


With duodenitis, it is recommended to take fennel seeds (improve appetite and eliminate pain) and cardamom (stimulate digestion).

Dandelion Syrup

Used in the treatment of reflux gastritis. In a 3-liter jar, chopped dandelion and sugar (to the very top) are laid in layers. After the mixture is pressed, the first juice appears. Leave for a short time, then pour the resulting liquid into a container of glass and combine with a glass of boiled water. Drink half a cup three times.


With heartburn, dissolve a spoonful of baking soda in a cup of warm boiled water. Use inside as needed.
In most cases, the prescription is the opposite — it contributes to the development of more pronounced symptoms of the disease, including bloating and pain.


An effective prescription for the treatment of duodenitis. Dissolve a spoonful of ordinary salt in a glass of cool liquid. Each time after eating, rinse the composition of the mouth.

An effective treatment for gastritis.


With the erosive form of the disease, every day for a month on an empty stomach, take a small spoonful of medical alcohol.


Folk doctors say that urine treatment gives a quick positive effect. The scheme is as follows:

during the first week, fresh urine is taken three times on an empty stomach, 50 ml each;
over the next few days, each time the volume is increased by 20 ml;
after that, the volume is increased by another 30 ml each time, and the treatment is performed until the end of the month.


Legume helps to heal the inflamed mucosa more quickly and normalizes the production of hydrochloric acid. It can be used in the form of gruel (boil and grind), and you can cook decoctions and juice.


With atrophic gastritis, every morning before breakfast, it is recommended to eat a handful of blueberries, grated with sugar.

Garlic with milk

The drink recommended for colds has a therapeutic effect on the inflamed gastric mucosa. A chopped clove of garlic is placed in a cup of warm milk and left for three minutes. After eating before bedtime. Repeat whenever pain is observed.


With any form of the disease, it is indicated that before meals a few raw quail eggs are drunk. During the day, it is allowed to consume up to three eggs.

Effective in the fight against gastritis, accompanied by low acidity, are proteins of chicken eggs. They are whipped to a state of thick foam and consumed half an hour before breakfast. The amount of protein is two. According to experienced folk healers, this way you can even fight with a neglected form of the disease.

An effective treatment for gastritis.

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