Charges and Powders for Anemia.

Charges and Powders for Anemia.


1. Equally taken fruits of ordinary mountain ash and cinnamon rose hips are mixed. A teaspoon is added to 230 milliliters of water and boiled for several minutes after boiling. Drink a glass a day as a supportive treatment. Recommended for people of any age, including the elderly.

2. Take in equal amounts the fruits of cinnamon rose hips and wild strawberries. Ten grams are taken, 230 ml of water is poured and boiled for ten minutes. Cool and filter. Using boiled water, bring to the original volume. Drink as an additional source of iron with deficiency anemia twice a day for ¼ cup.
Folk remedy is a serious danger to people with poor circulation, thrombophlebitis and endocarditis.

3. Grind 60 grams of white willow leaves and a large spoon of centaury grass. Are mixed. Pour a composition of 0.5 liters of water and a similar amount of dry wine. Cook under the lid for one hour. Use for anemia in adults three times a day. A single dose is 1/3 cup. Treatment is continued for no more than five days.

4. Mixed in equal shares flowers of clover meadow, leaves of ordinary raspberries, grass of five-bladed motherwort, fruits of ordinary mountain ash and cinnamon rose hips, grass of white cinnamon. A large spoon is combined with 220 ml of boiling water and brought to a boil. Allow to stand for 2 hours. Drink in a warm form, dividing the volume into three doses.


Therapy with homemade powder medicine lasts from a month to four.

1. Dried sea kale is ground to a powder state. Use as a seasoning for salads and main dishes. You can treat children.

2. In case of autoimmune anemia, it is useful to consume half a dessert spoon of horse sorrel three times a day with water. Treatment continues for at least forty days.

3. If anemia is observed in children, prepare bread from the powder of leaves of a large plantain.

4. 200 g of nettle leaf powder are mixed with a liter of fresh honey. It is indicated for the treatment of anemia in pregnant women. Use after meals three times in 15 ml. It is advisable to drink warm liquid.

5. Chalk ground to a powder state in the amount of 5 grams is used in the morning and in the evening with food.


6. Prepare a powder from unripe walnuts. 1.5 liters of honey requires two cups of powder. Insist twenty days, mixing daily. Use up to three times in 24 hours in the dining room.

7. Prepare powder from hellebore. For six weeks, every morning they use a quarter of a mustard spoon, washed down with water. You can mix the powder with granulated sugar. The medieval alchemist Paracelsus offers a different recipe: the crushed hellebore root is placed in an apple, from which the core is previously removed. The apple is baked, and when it cools down, grind the contents into powder. Use two grams before meals to cleanse the blood.
Home-made preparations based on hellebore cannot be used in the treatment of children under fourteen years of age.

8. Pregnant women with anemia, it is useful to take tatarnik powder prepared from the plant. Preferably on an empty stomach and no more than four dessert spoons per day.

Charges and Powders for Anemia.

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