Juices from arrhythmia.

Juices from arrhythmia.

The duration of one course is not more than one and a half months.

1. In case of cardiac arrhythmias, it is recommended to consume sowing radish juice. Previously, it is mixed with honey at the rate of 1: 1. Drink twice a day for 1 tbsp. spoon.

2. For the treatment of any form of arrhythmia, a mixture of black radish and carrot juice (1: 1) is used. Drink a cup every day. The minimum duration of therapy is a month.

3. Carrot juice, to which a little unfiltered vegetable oil is added, is recommended to be drunk every day, especially in the first days after myocardial infarction. No less effective in this regard is called birch sap.

4. With a strong heartbeat, the yarrow juice and odorous rue are shown (1: 1). Accepted with wine — for one glass of 24 drops of juice. Treated twice a day.
Odor odorous — a poisonous plant. In case of an overdose, it causes increased salivation, slowing of the pulse and loss of consciousness.

5. Efficiency demonstrates the juice of a golden mustache. To obtain it, several leaves are crushed and squeezed. Then add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and 250 ml of honey. Use 1 tbsp. l within 10 days.

6. Blackcurrant juice helps in restoring heart rate. It is recommended to use 1/3 cup three times a day.

7. Cardiac arrhythmia is recommended to be treated with fresh tomato juice. 150 ml of juice should be consumed three times a day. Potato juice is endowed with similar qualities, the reception of which is carried out according to the same principle.

8. With tachycardia, turnip juice is useful. It is taken at home for several tbsp. l per day, pre-mixed with liquid honey.

Juices from arrhythmia.

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