Course for thyroid.

Hypothyroidism natural treatment.

Course for thyroid.

Very many weak immune system, and it is — poor resistance to disease. Thyroid same — the main iron of the immune system, it represents our vulnerability to life. Course for thyroid.

Thyroid suffered from a bad mood and is very sensitive to the evil eye. Cursing children, for example, you are violating the work of thyroid.
Thyroid disease is strongly associated with resentment, anger at yourself, self-criticism, the fear, the inability to do in life what they wanted. Influences and hatred that you have caused pain, suffering, impracticability.

Course for thyroid.

Do not criticize yourself, look for good quality in itself, and health improve:
«Every day in every way I get better and better. I’m rich (a). I love me. I take the liberty of all to seek and get all off. »

Change your beliefs, and your life will change.
Changing thoughts, we can affect the body, which will dutifully take us to the desired shape, healing from illness: «I love myself and justify themselves. I am the incarnation of the divine and wonderful in the world and live a full life from this point on. »

Course for thyroid.

Excess hormones — left hand on the thyroid, and the right fist from the palm of his left hand to send energy to the thyroid, talk with her, ask her to run slower, not so much less to produce hormones.

I knew a woman who is 5 years old to take hormones (3rd degree, choking), the dose is constantly increasing, smoked. But the temperature has never been sick and not allowed. All this depressed her, became depressed.
For three days she lay staring at the ceiling, lost interest in life. And so we began to talk with her and at the same time to be treated. A year later, US — the thyroid gland of 1st degree, a good mood. Now she is the temperature, t. E. The body is ready to fight disease itself (she surprised herself that she is fever).

Course for thyroid.

The treatment was as follows:

• bowel cleaning — once a week (85% of the disease is sitting there — pressure, heart, varicose veins, women’s diseases, etc.).

• Thorough cleaning of the liver. And for those who are afraid of — drink in the morning
a tablespoon of olive oil and trace tablespoon lemon juice within a month, and the liver paste «silverfish».

• Suck up to 6 months, a tablespoon of sunflower oil on the front teeth — 10-15 minutes, spit in the toilet (which is white, there are three pairs of glands and pull toxins out of the body).

• Decoction of oats with honey. A tablespoon per cup of boiling water, boil for 5 minutes, to insist to cool, drain and add a cup of boiling water again, but to boil for 10 minutes and then a glass of boiling water — 15 minutes. There will be 3 cups of broth, add honey to taste and drink per day (more than 3 Cup fever) — very good rises

• Two orange and lemon pitted mince, add sugar, stored in the refrigerator and eat a teaspoon before each meal.

• fig 3 a day.

• The mixture — a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water — stimulates metabolism, it contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

• Iodine heels, but not more than 10 times, if the iodine disappears. As soon as he left — to stop the smear.
The heel bone is porous and it is good to bring the iodine the thyroid gland, and if the smear in the thyroid area, the burn may occur.

• Meditation «Fasolka». Mentally drive Fasolka near the thyroid up and down — 20 times, then zigzag also up and down — 20 times. Can be sore, but it’s clean energy thyroid channels.

• Most connecting blades.

• Rolling №1 ( «Golden Book») to connect the palm to the chest area, hands on line. Inhale and exhale a jet of yellow color (energy) from the head is on the right shoulder and going in the palm. Inhale, and energy through the left hand raised hand up and passes through the 7th cervical vertebra (chakra) exhale for 1-2 minutes. Will feel warmth or tingling — a week, then needed a week break. It is necessary to carry out these 3 courses.
And the main thing that people believe in what he can be healthy.

Health — this work, we have to be healthy. Lay the head positive thoughts. There is no incurable diseases, there is incurable humans, i.e. their negative thoughts.
And finally, two more exercises with the thyroid gland:
• «Lake of Life» — to lie on his stomach, hands under chin, sagging to the lower cervical vertebrae. After a few minutes turning the head to the left, then to the right, even breathing, body relaxed. It is useful for the throat, thyroid, ie. The lower cervical vertebrae are aligned to..
• «The sea of ​​energy» — on her stomach, bend your elbows, palms, elbows pressed to the floor, heels together, toes inward — sagging neck. The blood flow in the carotid artery, which allows blood flow to the brain and nasal cavity.


Course for thyroid.

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