Peroxide medical.

Heart disease, the pressure.

Peroxide medical.

It is well known that hydrogen peroxide is usually treated wounds to prevent infection. But surely many readers will interesting to learn about other therapeutic properties of this amazing solution … Peroxide medical.

For example, when receiving peroxide inside and applying of wipes moistened with the same peroxide to disappear chest pain in the heart, arrhythmia, asthma attacks are stopped.

Peroxide medical.

It is said that one man removed a tumor in the stomach. The mother said, «Take, will not live long.» After receiving hydrogen peroxide orally for 3 weeks a person is not just alive, and went to the amendment.

I read also that one patient had cancer of the esophagus, obstruction — fed him only through a catheter. Upon receipt of the peroxide and the imposition of a compress on the chest with a peroxide for 15 minutes, the patient began to drink alone. The stomach and intestines have earned. The survey found that there is no metastasis.

Peroxide medical.

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 according to the formula is water and atomic oxygen. Atomic oxygen unlike atmospheric penetrates directly into the cells of the tissues of the human body.

External compression can be applied to the neck, spine, joints — that is, to any affected area.

The drug is cheap and available to any sick person. The ingestion of side effects was not felt (obviously have them). According to its medicinal properties of hydrogen peroxide is not inferior to expensive and are now advertised drugs — immunomodulators. For people who do not live lavishly, it is a godsend.

Now on his own experience of treatment. So, my personal experience of taming the right bouquet of diseases by oral administration of a 3% solution of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) by the method of the doctor of medical sciences, professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, State Prize winner Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakina: hypertension, atherosclerosis and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus type II.

Peroxide medical.

After reading his technique, started taking hydrogen peroxide Res month of reception I felt significant improvements in their body, although the night before the pressure is over a 200, was a loud noise in the ears. Now — 140/90. Also, after a month of the course, I visited an endocrinologist — Sugar 5.5 (normal), and previously was not lower than 9.0. Currently I continue taking the drug.

As a result, the head is much «fresher» I myself have become active; I sleep 6-7 hours; I get up in the morning and severity of weakness do not feel tinnitus not disappeared, and the syndrome of «chronic fatigue».

Take a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution should be strictly on an empty stomach, ie, in the morning on an empty stomach, in the afternoon 30 minutes — one hour before meals and at night 2 hours after dinner. Start reception from 2-3 drops (dosed strictly from a pipette) into the cup with 30 ml of water at room temperature. The solution is tasteless and odorless. Each day it is necessary to add one drop to receive 3 times a day, reaching 10 drops three times a day. So take 10 days, a break for 2-3 days; 10 days of reception 2-3 days break, and so on.


Peroxide medical.

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