Headache remedies.

Without herbs and tablets.

Headache remedies.

To cure a headache without pills and herbs to put his left hand on his head, and the palm of the right — on the solar plexus. Headache remedies. Close your eyes and sit for 10-15 minutes. And then the middle or index finger to press on the point between the eyebrows, and then loosen the press and move the fingers in the direction of the temples, strengthening and weakening the press every 1.5 cm. Repeat 2-3 times.

From periodontitis can be rubbed into the gums with salt or honey to make your teeth and gums application horseradish and tomato. You can also massage them with sea buckthorn oil with salt.

From felon help with sour cabbage leaf. And it is possible to apply and sauerkraut.

From diarrhea can swallow 10 peas black pepper, not liquid, and drink water. Diarrhea as a hand lift.

How to strengthen the hair from falling out of the pea water. The course of treatment for at least one week. Within 7-14 hours soaked in water ordinary peas, drink a glass of water a day, preferably in the morning.
Boils, abscess can sprinkle baking soda, aloe attach and secure.

From itching scalp, dandruff, sores, bald patches helps hellebore water.
It must be rubbed into the scalp.

From the crack in her arms — alcohol mixed with glycerol.

For the prevention of fungal spurs, diaper rash, cracks after washing the feet wipe this lineup: vinegar essence, vodka, glycerin.


Headache remedies.

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