Cyst of the liver.

Herbalist advises. Treatment for liver cyst.

Cyst of the liver.

From any cysts is an effective means of cleavers. This plant with small white flowers are usually well aware of the villagers: cleavers settled near human habitation, clinging to the fence, growing in the garden. A tablespoon of herbs bedstraw tenacious pour 500 ml of boiled water, to cool and the resulting infusion drink during the day.

Cyst of the liver.

This kind bedstraw well removes moisture from the body and dries cysts.
Herbal treatment is always long — so you need to be patient.
2-3 months drink cleavers and that there was no getting used to this plant, go to a different herb. It can be such herbs as letter, mullein, burdock, calendula, yarrow.

Tablespoon of the aboveground part of the initial letters of drug pour a glass boiling water, to insist to cool, strain. Take a third cup 3 times a day before meals. Similarly brewed and taking the aerial parts of mullein.

Immediately, I note that the bedstraw, letter and mullein are used only
folk medicine, so that the pharmacy of herbs does not happen.

Calendula and yarrow is also brewed in proportion tablespoon
on the glass and taking these infusions before meals: a third cup 3 times a day.

Cyst of the liver. Preparing the drug from burdock.

The medicine can be prepared from burdock different ways.

Firstly, you can prepare a decoction of the roots of burdock: Take a teaspoon of dried burdock root in a glass of water, boil for 15 minutes on low heat, then insist to cool. Take a third cup before meals three times a day.
Secondly, it is convenient from the whole plant medicine prepared as follows. All burdock plant by the roots and wash thoroughly grind in a meat grinder. The resulting slurry pour an equal amount of vodka, for example, if you turned a half-liter jar of slurry, then fill it with 0.5 liters of vodka.
Let this mixture insist 2 weeks — and your medication from burdock ready. Take it on a teaspoon 3 times a day, preferably one hour before or one hour after a meal. Duration of treatment is not limited to burdock. By the way, burdock great effect on the whole body: improves metabolism, cleans the joints, improves skin and hair.
And finally, thirdly, can brew mug summer flowers 8 flowers of burdock pour two cups of boiled water, to cool, strain. This infusion drink during the day.

Cyst of the liver. For treatment — hemlock.

Hemlock and cocklebur is ideally suited for the treatment of cysts, but they are potent herbs, and not all hesitant to use them — it’s a matter of choice for each.
Hemlock take on so-called tsarist method: in the morning an hour before take breakfast in the first day, 1 drop of 10% hemlock infusion on the second day — 2 drops and so on up to 40 drops on the fortieth day, and then the dose is reduced to 1 drop a day. Drops dose pipette into a glass of water. Thus, hemlock treatment is 79 days. After two courses of treatment make a break of 10-14 days, during which take drugs burdock. I must say that while taking hemlock can take all the herbs listed above, including the most effective of them bedstraw.

At any liver pathology useful bitter herbs: Watch a three-sheeted, wormwood, gentian, and p, centaury. Each of these herbs brewed with boiling water, based on the ratio: a teaspoon of raw material to a glass of water. The resulting infusion take a portion for a day before meals.

If you have problems with the liver, regardless of the disease, it is appropriate reception dodder.
0.5 h. Tablespoons dry dodder zaparte cup of boiling water (but do not boil!), Let stand for an hour, strain. Then, add to the infusion teaspoon of honey and a little salt to the infusion to be active, and take it before a meal during the day.


Cyst of the liver.

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