Decoctions of asthma.

Decoctions of asthma.

Hand-made decoctions are a treatment method available to everyone. Proponents of alternative medicine pay attention to the necessary duration of therapy — from two weeks to three months. In exceptional cases, the time required to heal increases.

Mono decoctions

1. Oat grains in the amount of five hundred grams are sorted, peeled and washed. Add to the milk boiled in a pan (two liters). Pour 500 ml of pure water. Boil over low heat for several hours. Ultimately, 2 liters of broth should come out. Drink 150 ml daily, to which a dessert spoon of fresh honey and a similar amount of melted butter are preliminarily added. Treatment is carried out for about a year. Ready broth is stored in the refrigerator.

2. Slightly dried ginger root (5 cm) is ground on a grater. Pour with cold moisture. Hold in a water bath until it begins to boil. Then close the container with a lid and cook for 20 minutes. Allow to cool. Drink warm at ½ tbsp. before meals.

3. An expectorant and anti-allergic effect has a decoction of rosemary. A glass of boiling water accounts for a tablespoon of raw materials. Boil for ten minutes, drink up to six times a day in a large spoon. Therapy is indicated to continue for five or more months.
Ledum is a poisonous plant. Use may result in dizziness, increased irritability, and sometimes cause inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

4. In half a mug of milk, ten peeled cloves of garlic are boiled. After four minutes, filter, drink 1 time at night. There is another recipe: four peeled garlic cloves are added to 500 ml of water and boiled for a couple of minutes. Allow to cool. Drink half a cup in the morning and evening.

5. At home, knead twenty grams of viburnum berries. Pour a glass of warm water and bring to a boil. Mix a large spoonful of honey and cook for twenty minutes. Filter. Drink 1 tsp. during the day with heart disease.

Decoctions of asthma.

6. In children’s therapy, raspberry roots are used. Collected in late autumn or during flowering are welcome. The peeled roots are dried. 50 grams is added to 500 ml of water and boiled for 40 minutes. Give the child three times a day, 30 ml. If asthma is represented by a severe case, you can increase the number of receptions — up to six.

7. A decoction of onion peel helps to get rid of chronic asthma. For two cups of water, they take full rye of raw materials. Boil for five minutes. Filter and dilute with water (1: 1). Drink instead of tea.
Allergy sufferers are not recommended.

8. In 230 ml of milk boil 1 tbsp. l sage leaves. Drink hot before a night’s rest.

9. In 200 ml of boiling water, boil (no more than ten minutes) 1 tsp. flowers of sophora. Use twice a day for half a cup.

10. To two liters of pure liquid add 2 cups of purified oats. Boil for 1 hour, then add half a liter of goat’s milk and boil again, now it’s thirty minutes. After cooling, filter, add a few large spoons of flower honey. Use ½ tbsp. every time before eating.

11. To 0.5 l of water add four dessert spoons of fresh hyssop grass (pre-crushed). Sent to a low fire. After ten to fifteen minutes, remove from heat and stand under the lid for some time. Take the entire volume per day, dividing into several equal doses.

Tinctures for asthma.

1. A 0.5 liter jar is filled with fresh lily of the valley flowers. It is poured with wine alcohol and kept in a place protected from sunlight for two weeks. Fifteen drops are used three times a day, dissolving in a small amount of water.
Lily of the valley is among the potent medicinal plants. With endocarditis and myocarditis in the acute phase, its administration is dangerous. In case of an overdose, bradycardia may occur.

2. 500 ml of vodka pour 70 g of arnica flowers. After ten days, filter. Take 1 tbsp. l three times a day before meals.

Decoctions of asthma.

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