Diabetes treatment.

Diabetes treatment.


Phyto-infusions are used for a couple of months. After a short break, therapy is resumed.

Mono Infusions.

1. Grind walnut leaves. Fifteen grams of the raw material is introduced into a glass of boiling water for half an hour. Filter. Drink the entire volume per day to overcome type 1 disease. The recipe is no less good from acetone.
The use of infusion in large doses can cause an allergic reaction.

2. Choose a partition of forty walnuts. Steamed with boiling water (requires an incomplete glass) for one hour. Drink an infusion for type 1 and type 2 diabetes, three teaspoons per day.

3. For several hours, in a mug of boiling water, insist a large spoonful of the dried wintergreen plant. They are consumed in a pair of small sips three times, thus lowering blood sugar levels.
The infusion lowers blood pressure, so it is not recommended for prone to hypotension.

4. A handful of birch buds in 200 ml of boiling water can withstand until the liquid cools down. Drink after filtration. Repeat three times a day. Recipes like this help lower sugar levels.

5. Twenty grams of lilac buds in a mug of boiling water leave for half an hour. Take three times four sips. Use a prescription for the treatment of sugar and sugar types of pathology.
Not recommended for chronic renal failure.

6. For six hours, three tablespoons of bean leaves are left in a mug of boiling water. The volume is divided into two doses, consuming per day.

7. An effective medicine at home is the infusion of nettle. A pinch of dried raw materials is poured with a glass of boiling water for fifteen minutes. Take three times in half a glass.
It is forbidden to people with a tendency to hypertension.

8. To eliminate the disease of any type, plantain is used. A handful of herbs is poured with 400 ml of boiling water, leaving for three hours. After pressing the raw material, divide the volume into two portions and drink it during the day.

9. Two tablespoons of the color of linden are added to several glasses of hot moisture. Insist for fifteen minutes and filter. They drink a cup three times a day, performing the therapy of a disease of sugar and non-sugar type.

Diabetes treatment.

10. A substance similar to insulin is contained in tradescantia. A handful of fresh plant leaves are crushed. Pour boiling water in the amount of a glass and let stand until cooling. Take a glass three times before meals. Treatment is performed for no longer than two weeks.
When taking Tradescantia infusion, you should carefully monitor your blood sugar.

11. Reduce sugar by using beans. There are only three pieces per cup of cool water, always white beans. Leave to swell overnight. In the morning, drink the infusion, and eat the beans.

12. Fifteen hours in 0.23 ml of water (use hot) insist a dozen dry leaves of laurel. Take three times 50 ml on an empty stomach. It helps with diabetes of both types, especially if vision suffers.
Bay leaf cannot be consumed in severe cases of the disease.

13. Six leek bulbs are cut and poured with warm liquid so as to cover the raw materials. After 12 hours, filter. Use onion infusion twice a day in a third of a glass to cleanse the blood of cholesterol.

14. To eliminate non-healing wounds, an infusion of sunflower hairs is taken. Break off the hairs from the root, which is pre-washed and dried. A small handful of shredded hairs is placed in a three-liter container and poured with boiled liquid so as to fill almost to the top. Insist a little longer than half an hour. Drink in unlimited quantities, replacing tea and juice.

15. Diabetes is treated with infusion of aspen bark. On a half-liter can of boiling water take eight pinches of raw material. Leave to stand all night under the lid. Drink a sip in the morning and evening during the week.
It is better not to use aspen bark with a tendency to constipation.

16. It is possible to improve metabolic processes in the body and restore vision through the infusion of barberry. A glass of raw materials is steamed with a mug of boiling water for an hour. Use up to six times a day for half a glass.

17. Add 20 g of marshmallow dried to two cups of boiling water for two hours. After pressing, they begin treatment of an insulin-independent type of the disease — 0.5 cup twice.

18. To normalize glucose levels, prepare an infusion of lemon peel. It is removed from two lemons and cut. Combine with boiling water (you need one and a half glasses) for an hour and a half. Drink half a cup twice.

19. A handful of millet is washed and combined with a liter of hot water, leaving to insist on the night. In the morning they drink, after removing the raw materials. Therapeutic measures do not stop for three days.

20. Two large pinches of white mulberry bark are steamed with boiling water in an amount of three hundred and fifty milliliters. They stand the infusion for two hours, and then squeeze the raw materials. Drink two glasses three times for the treatment of diabetes.

Diabetes treatment.

21. To two circles of boiled liquid, 15 g of goatskin are added. Used for pathology of type 2 — a pair of sips four times.
Composition can lead to high blood pressure.

22. Infusion of mullein root helps to treat a diabetes-free type of disease. Prepared as follows: a few handfuls of chopped root pour half a liter of boiling water for two hours. Drink half a cup at a time, repeating five times.

23. Verbena officinalis in the amount of 1 tbsp. l steamed with a cup of boiling water, leaving to infuse for an hour. Take four times before meals for a couple of large spoons, getting rid of the clinical picture of a sugarless type of disease.

24. A handful of red rose petals are brewed with a mug of boiling water. After half an hour, filter and drink. The procedure is performed twice if vision suffers.

25. Black elderberry infusion is used to treat a non-sugar type of disease. A handful of color is poured into a mug of boiled liquid. After one hour, filter. They drink a hundred milliliters three times a day.
Uncontrolled intake can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines.

26. Steamed 1 tbsp. l bedstraw with a bowl of boiling water. After an hour, filter. Therapy is performed three times a day, fifty milliliters. The recipe for diabetes is a non-sugar type.

27. A glass of boiling water for forty minutes pour twenty grams of fluffy astragalus. Take five sips up to five times a day. The recommendation is intended to address the symptoms of diabetes insipidus.

28. A handful of onion husks in a thermos are steamed using three hundred milliliters of hot liquid. After three hours, filter. Use three sips three times on an empty stomach with high sugar levels.

29. A couple of Art. l dried mulberry fruit is steamed with a bowl of boiling water for forty minutes. After pressing the raw material, the liquid volume is divided into two and drunk per day. The prescription is effective in eliminating the clinical picture of hypoglycemia in an adult.

30. A small pinch of dried green Echinacea is poured with an incomplete cup of boiling water for thirty minutes. Drink 0.1 l in the morning on an empty stomach, continuing therapy for ten days. The prescription is suitable for patients of any age, improves the protective properties of the body and normalizes well-being.

Diabetes treatment.

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