Fees from an ulcer.

Fees from an ulcer.

1. To eliminate the disease of the, it is recommended to collect from common wormwood and yarrow (ten grams each), clover of meadow and pharmacy chamomile (30 g each), calendula (50 g), birch leaf and bog dried cinnamon (70 g each). A handful of the mixture is steamed with 400 ml of boiling water for several hours, and then carefully filtered. Take four glasses on an empty stomach twice a day.

The calendula is declared in the prescription, therefore, people with cardiovascular diseases should better refrain from such treatment.

2. Porbnik, marshmallow, budra, yarrow, rough mountaineer, peppermint, popnik, sage, clover, flax are evenly joined. Two pinches of collection are introduced to half a liter of hot water and allow to infuse. Divided into four servings and drunk per day. At home, with such a composition, it is possible to effectively treat an ulcer formed on the mucous membrane of internal organs.

3. For 1 part — Hypericum perforatum, bog root calamus, dioica nettle, calendula officinalis flowers. In 2 parts — cyanosis blue, licorice root, five-bladed motherwort, cones of ordinary hop, yarrow. On 3 — leaves of a plantain, marshmallow dried. A quarter of a glass of raw materials is placed to half a liter of boiling water. After eleven hours, filter. Use an incomplete cup twice a day if there is an ulcer of the internal organs — the stomach, duodenum, esophagus, cervix.

4. Equally selected are chamomile flowers, mint leaves, linden blossom and yarrow. Grind well. A few large spoons are added to the mug of boiling water for three hours. Composition treatment helps with stomach ulcers. Drink on an incomplete cup twice. The infusion can be used to rub trophic pathology on the skin.

5. A bleeding ulcer is eliminated by taking such a composition: two parts of chamomile color, three — the root of the cinquefoil erect, one — leaves of dioecious nettle. A couple of tablespoons are added to the bowl of boiling water for one hour. Drink ½ cup per day.

Fees from an ulcer.

6. The root of the snake mountaineer and the rhizome of the medicinal hemorrhage are mixed equally. A pinch is poured into a glass of hot liquid and left for two hours. They use 1/3 cup three times to eliminate the symptoms of an internal ulcer.
Overdose leads to nausea and vomiting.

7. If you want the ulcer of the esophagus to go away, prepare the following herbs: 10 g of large celandine, 30 g of ordinary yarrow, 30 g of the color of medicinal chamomile. A few large spoons are left in a bowl with boiling water for a couple of hours. Use a folk remedy four times a day for half a cup.

8. An equal amount of anise fruits, calendula flowers, rhizome of the snake mountaineer, leaves of fireweed, marjoram grass, lemon balm leaves, and walnut grass are combined in equal amounts. A handful is poured into a mug of boiling water. After a couple of hours, it is filtered off. They drink the infusion warm in ¼ mugs in the morning and evening after eating.

9. In case of duodenal ulcer, a collection of the following components is recommended: 10 g of chamomile, licorice root, marshmallow root, and wheatgrass rhizomes. Half a glass is steamed for thirty minutes with a mug of hot moisture. Drink the whole volume before bedtime.

10. Another effective remedy for diseases of the duodenum is the collection of 20 g of fireweed, 20 g of linden blossom, 10 g of fennel fruit and 10 g of chamomile. An hour and a half insist in a bowl of hot liquid. Drink up to three cups per day.

11. If severe pain is observed with peptic ulcer of the stomach and esophagus, the roots of the cancer necks, the leaves of the plantain, St. John’s wort, horsetail, chamomile and valerian are mixed in equal parts. One hour 1 tbsp. l soar in 1.5 cups of boiling water. They drink three times a hundred milliliters.

Fees from an ulcer.

12. A tablespoon of the herbal mix of St. John’s wort, celandine, plantain and a succession (100 g each) is steamed with a glass of boiling water for a couple of hours. It is advisable to cover and wrap with a blanket. It is recommended to take for the treatment of inflammation of the duodenal bulb 1 tbsp. l up to four sets per day.

13. Mix 10 g of licorice root and 6 g of orange peel. Pour 100 ml of water and send to a steam bath. Hold for at least forty-five minutes. Two large spoons of honey are introduced to the filtered liquid and they are drunk.

14. A pair of large spoons mix licorice, blueberries, calendula, chamomile, yarrow and elecampane. A handful is taken. Hover in a liter of boiling water for one hour. Take 150 ml in the morning and evening.

15. In case of duodenal ulcer, two tbsp. Are mixed. l mint, six — yellow gentian, four — Japanese sophora and succession, seven — trefoil, ten — flax seeds. 250 ml of boiling water should take a pinch. Insist about an hour and a half. Take after pressing raw materials 70 ml three times. It can be used for compresses applied with a trophic ulcer.

16. At night, 0.6 ml of boiling water is steamed half a shot glass of collection of hernia and eyebright (equally). In the morning they warm up on a steam bath and allow to cool, after which the grass is squeezed. Drink 100 ml before meals for 10 days to cure corneal disease.

17. Combine fifty-six grams of caraway seeds and mint leaves, one hundred — gooseberry leaves and chamomile color. A teaspoon is steamed for seven minutes with a mug of hot moisture. Drink a day in small sips.

Fees from an ulcer.

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