Folliculitis on face.

Grandmother’s plaster.

Folliculitis on face.

My grandmother all her life helped people, from all over the region sick and suffering people came to her. She did not deny anyone. She had a recipe for any sore. Grandmothers have long been gone, and I still use her recipes. Folliculitis on face.

I want to share one of these recipes. This homemade patch for the treatment of purulent wounds, boils. You need to take equally beeswax, mutton fat, forest sulfur and finely chopped garlic. Put all this into a frying pan and melt.

In a hot solution, dip blank sheets of paper. The solution quickly freezes. It turns out a medical plaster. It must also be applied to damage to the skin. It well draws pus, dirt and even small glass fragments from wounds. Try, this plaster will come in handy in every home.

Useful advice.

• Cracks on the nails can get rid of if you rub honey with onions.

• When burns, apply refined potatoes or honey.

• Carrots are good at cleaning wounds from pus, reduces pain.

• With a burn, you can immediately lubricate the affected area with sunflower oil and sprinkle with soda.

• The furuncle can be oiled with kerosene several times a day, but carefully — only the boil.

• With a bruise, the newspaper should be watered with water and applied to the bruised place — the bruise will pass quickly.


Folliculitis on face.

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