Grindings from arthrosis.

Grindings from arthrosis.

Home-made raster formulations help to quickly get rid of severe pain and improve mobility in case of arthrosis. The procedures should be carried out before recovery.

1. Take five bottles of opaque glass. Each half is filled with dandelions. The second half of each is filled with triple cologne, then corked with lids. In a place inaccessible to sunlight, they withstand a month. Filter. Rub the painful areas with neat movements in the evenings until the pain disappears. After eight weeks, the patient’s condition improves.

2. Glycerin, alcohol, honey and iodine solution are still mixed. Insist three hours. They impregnate a cotton pad and lubricate the skin in the area of ​​the diseased joint, performing movements from top to bottom. The recipe helps in treating pain and inflammation.

3. To absorb the salt deposits, use lemon juice or a slice of it, rubbing the affected area twice a day.

4. Mix half a liter of wheat vodka, a tablespoon of natural honey, a teaspoon of table salt and a glass of radish juice. In a cool place, hidden from the rays of the sun, they insist for two weeks. Used for grinding in the morning and evening. Treatment through such a prescription can help with arthrosis of the 2nd degree.

5. In getting rid of the symptoms of the disease of the hands and fingers, as well as the acromioclavicular type, use a product prepared from three tablespoons of plantain juice. Mix with several grams of melted propolis. The finished product is rubbed into the hands and fingers with gentle movements. It can be repeated several times a day.

Grindings from arthrosis.

6. Arthrosis of the spine is treated with the help of such a grinding: 1 tsp. melt propolis in a steam bath and combine with a similar amount of olive oil. Rub the chilled medicine into the area of ​​the affected vertebrae at night.

7. Half the volume of a liter container is filled with lilac flowers. The second half is filled with medical alcohol. Allow to stand for a week away from sunlight, shaking regularly. After filtration, the composition is used to rub the diseased shoulder joints, repeating the manipulations up to three times a day.

8. Potato seedlings are placed in a 0.5-liter jar (the container is filled to the top). Pour vodka and allow to stand for thirty days in a cool dark place. Filter. Use for rubbing sick areas. Also, tincture is used for applying night compresses.

9. For arthrosis of the lower extremities, a grind is prepared: a teaspoon of baking soda is added to a glass of unrefined vegetable oil. Lubricate the area of ​​the knees, foot or ankle before bedtime, gently massaging.

10. 500 ml of medical alcohol is poured into twenty grams of horse chestnut flowers. They insist for two weeks, shaking regularly. The strained tincture is rubbed on the lower limbs, hands, feet, etc.

Grindings from arthrosis.

11. To remove puffiness, use a grinding of the following nature: chopped hot pepper, chopped aloe leaf, 100 g of celandine are poured into a 0.5-liter jar. Pour vodka for three weeks. Filter and use twice a day.
Grinding gives a tangible warming effect, therefore, should not be used by people with heart failure and high blood pressure.

12. In a proportion of one to ten, hop cones and rose oil are combined. Boil, cool and pour into a container of opaque glass. Rub the necessary places a couple of times a day. Helps reduce inflammation and pain with deforming arthrosis of the feet.

13. Mix one part of eucalyptus, pine needles, cypress. Two parts of chamomile are added. The mixed components are poured with vegetable oil. Day defend in a cool place. Used to rub the affected areas.

14. Connect two tablespoons of turpentine and ammonia. Two raw chicken eggs are introduced into the finished product. Use before bed five days in a row.

Grindings from arthrosis.

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