Heel spurs

Heel spurs.

Plantar fasciitis treatment.

I want to share a recipe, how to cope with heel spurs. For many years I was tormented with this ailment, which I just did not try, and baths from various herbs, and all kinds of lotions and compresses, even rolling a roll, really helped nothing.

And then a friend suggested one very simple recipe. It is necessary to mix honey and sea salt in equal proportions, spread the resulting composition of the heel, steamed after the bath.

After that, wrap the heel with half folded gauze and wrap it with cellophane, put it over the woolen socks and put a heating pad under the heel. In order for the treatment to have an effect, keep the leg in this compress until the bottle warms completely and sleep without taking off the sock.

Continue this treatment should be within ten days. It helped me as if by magic — I do not remember my spurs for several years already.

Another recipe.

The recipe from the heel spur: 50 grams of waterfat, 50 g of camphor oil, 50 g of turpentine, 50 g of ammonia, all thoroughly mixed.

Use as a compress at night.

Personally, I still rolled the rolling pin with my foot, increasing the pressure with my heel.


Heel spurs

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