Juices from cataracts.

Juices from cataracts.

Freshly squeezed vegetable juices are useful for treating cataracts at home, especially at an early stage. The average duration of therapy is several months.

1. Mix four glasses of carrot juice, in the third part of a cup of parsley juice and endive salad. They drink half a cup four times a day before meals.

2. Three glasses of carrot juice and a quarter of a glass of parsley juice are added to 250 ml of pure liquid. Drink before meals 150 ml three times a day.

3. If senile cataract is observed, such a recipe is shown: five cups of carrot are added to a glass of spinach juice. Use immediately after each meal for half a cup.

4. A mix of twenty milliliters of beetroot, seventy milliliters of carrot and ten milliliters of salad chicory juice is prepared. Drink the amount of drink received every day.

5. Mix 30 ml of celery juice, parsley, green salad and carrots. The volume is divided into three doses and is drunk each time before the main meal.

6. To 30 ml of carrot juice add 20 ml of spinach and Indian gooseberry juice. Drink drink daily for three months. Adherents of alternative treatment believe that it is such a folk remedy that can completely relieve cataracts.

7. Squeeze the juice from the tops of several turnips, a large cabbage leaf, parsley and five carrots. Drink at a time, repeating daily for five to six weeks. The recommendation is shown to get rid of cataracts of any kind.

Other folk methods

In addition to the above, there are other methods of treating cataracts, which also inspire confidence on the part of adherents of alternative medicine.


To achieve transparency, the lens is eaten on a chopped aloe leaf daily in the morning on an empty stomach. You can add a small amount of may honey. Treatment should be about two weeks.

Epsom salt

With salt, it is indicated to do baths to eliminate the symptoms of cataracts. The procedure is performed three times a week. A couple of handfuls of Epsom salt are poured into 38 degrees water. After the procedure, the eyes are washed well with warm saline. They prepare it this way: add one dessert spoon of raw material to 500 ml of water. After washing with cold water.


With a decrease in night vision, several glasses of tar are poured into the pelvis. The patient should look at him continuously for five minutes, repeating the procedure three times a day. After each session, it is recommended to take fish oil, a large spoon. The course of treatment is from seven to ten days.

Juices from cataracts.

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