Juices from menopause.

Juices from menopause.

Fresh vegetables and fruits contain beneficial substances that cleanse the intestines and stimulate the digestive system. Their use during menopause is considered safer as freshly squeezed juices. Allowed course duration is two months.

Proponents of alternative treatment are given equal benefits by medicinal plant juices, which are prepared at home. Their use should be less prolonged.

1. In menopausal neurosis three times a day, take juice from the berries of the bluish blackberry. The amount shown is 20 ml at a time.

2. Squeeze the juice from the fresh leaves of the nettle dioica. Drink ¼ cup several times a day before meals. The recipe is especially recommended for bleeding.

3. To relieve seizures several times a day before meals, drink a tablespoon of juice from a fresh goose cinquefoil plant, preferably flowering.

4. For insomnia, take half a cup of fresh cabbage juice. Drink before going to bed.

Juices from menopause.

5. An all-strengthening action is given to juice from a borage. It is taken in 0.3 cups in the morning and evening. Folk remedy is also indicated for melancholy.

6. For a general strengthening of the body they use juice from celery. The whole plant is crushed, squeezed juice, drink 0.3 cups twice a day before meals.

7. The analgesic effect is given to the juice of a flowering yarrow. Take 30 ml twice or three times a day before meals.
The use of yarrow juice is dangerous with thrombosis. In addition, prolonged therapy with it can turn into a skin allergy.

8. 150 ml of freshly squeezed carrot juice is mixed with 50 ml of low fat cream. Drink once a day.

9. Pomegranate juice, diluted with water 1: 1, helps in cleansing blood vessels and lowering cholesterol. Can be used in the treatment of female and male malaise.

10. For the general strengthening of the body, it is useful to take onion juice mixed with honey in equal proportions. Drink half a cup three times a day.

11. With increased sweating during menopause, it is recommended to take juice from fresh leaves of medicinal sage. Use three times a day for thirty milliliters.

12. Cope with constipation and somewhat stabilize the pressure with female and male menopause will help fresh beet juice. It is crushed with a grater, squeezed juice. Mix with apple in equal parts. Add a little honey and drink the third part of the glass twice a day. Also, the recipe is good for irritability.

13. As a general strengthening agent for women and men, juice of three oranges, a large lemon and two beets is shown. After mixing, a dessert spoon of bee honey is added to the juice. 220 ml of juice should be drunk every day for a month.

14. Take seven parts of carrots, four — celery, three — spinach and two — parsley. Using a juicer extract juice. The resulting juice volume is distributed per day. Drink 90 ml twenty minutes before a meal.
Taking a vegetable mix can lead to an upset stomach, especially in the early days of therapy.

15. Mix freshly squeezed juices of carrots, kiwi, cucumber and beets (10: 1: 3: 3). Take juice for fifteen minutes before eating three tbsp. l Gradually, the dose grows to half a glass.
Excessive consumption of such juice can lead to digestive discomfort and dizziness.

16. For the treatment of hot flashes, it is recommended to drink a mix of the juice of one carrot, horseradish, lemon, to which a glass of honey is added. The components are thoroughly mixed and stored in the refrigerator. Drink three tablespoons before meals three times a day.

17. Red grape juice is indicated for use with a removed uterus (surgical climax), because it contains phyto-estrogen resveratrol, which prevents damage by free radicals. Half a glass of diluted 1: 1 juice with water is recommended to be taken three times a day.

Juices from menopause.

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