Methods for urolithiasis.

Methods for urolithiasis.

Olive oil

Urolithiasis in both sexes is successfully treated with olive oil. Two tablespoons should be consumed per day. The course is continued until the condition is relieved.


The destruction of kidney stones contributes to the mummy — one gram per liter of boiled water. Use three times within ten days for 1 tbsp. l solution. After a five-day break, the course of treatment is resumed.


A solution of ammonia helps to get rid of kidney stones — a tablespoon of 500 ml of vodka. Take three times fifteen milliliters until the clinical picture of urolithiasis is eliminated.

Sweet potion

Methods for urolithiasis.

With urolithiasis, they use this recipe: to 50 g of magnesia add twice as much granulated sugar and a drop of lemon juice. The medicine is given to the patient by a teaspoon per day until the unpleasant symptoms disappear.


For two months, soda helps cleanse the kidneys of stones. The recipe for its use is as follows: every morning a teaspoon of soda is bred in a cup of warm boiled water and drunk on an empty stomach.

Warm bath

For acute pain it is helpful to take a warm bath. The duration of the procedure is twenty minutes. After that, it is recommended to apply a heating pad with potato broth on the stomach.

There is a recipe for an herbal bath that has a lasting therapeutic effect in urolithiasis. In the amount of twenty grams take:

Linden blossom;
nettle leaf;
thyme grass;
plantain grass;
burdock roots.

After mixing, half the volume of dry raw material is taken. Pour 5 liters of moisture and boil for five minutes over medium heat. Allow to stand, filter and pour the finished folk remedy into a bath with water at 38 degrees. The procedure for the treatment of urolithiasis is performed for approximately twenty minutes, repeating once every four days.


With urolithiasis, accompanied by the formation of stones in the bladder, milk horseradish infusion is used. The root is rubbed on a fine grater. To 200 ml of hot milk add a tablespoon of raw materials. Insist ten minutes. Filter through a sieve. Drink volume per day. Treatment lasts a week.

Serum Celandine

The recipe is recommended for use in the treatment of urolithiasis in women and men. Half a glass of crushed celandine grass is poured with three liters of whey. A gauze-covered container for two weeks is determined in a dark place, periodically shaken.

Use one third of the cup every time before an exacerbation.
Like other recipes using celandine, this can seriously harm your health.

Methods for urolithiasis.

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