Lemon will help the throat.

Lemon will help the throat.

Lemon will help the throat. An excellent remedy for diphtheria and scarlet fever is a 30% solution of citric acid. This solution needs to gargle.

To do this, you need to keep your head thrown back and exhale the air so that the solution bubbles in your mouth. Rinse every hour during the day. This solution perfectly helps with any diseases of the throat, if these diseases are captured in the initial stage.

In the absence of such a solution, you can take on the reception of 2 or 3 slices of lemon. Pre-cleaning them from the peel. One by one to take in the mouth and hold.
Try to slice the lemon around the throat.

You should suck these slices. Then swallow them. So it is necessary to act every time until the patient has felt relief. This remedy is effective at the very beginning of the illness. If it is not captured immediately, then the lemon is already useless. It is necessary to use citric acid.

Inhalation from angina (acute tonsillitis).

Colds in the winter months, alas, not uncommon. But the worst thing is when they give complications. They are able to weaken the liver, kidneys, heart.

Therefore, with any manifestation of the disease, it is necessary to fight immediately and until the final recovery. I decided to share my way of treating sore throats. This method has repeatedly helped me, my family and friends.

This method cures the angina completely. To do this, you need to prepare an inhalation mixture of completely available herbs. They are in every pharmacy.

You need to take a leaf of eucalyptus and pine buds — 3 parts each. Sage leaves and roots of elecampane are divided into 4 parts. Chamomile flowers, mint and thyme grass — 2 parts each.
This recipe went to me from my grandmother. In my opinion, there is no better remedy for angina.

Literally 2-3 courses of inhalations, and improvement comes right before our eyes. But it should not be
stop halfway. It is very important to carry out treatment until full recovery.


Lemon will help the throat.

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