Lotions and juices for diabetes.

Lotions and juices for diabetes.


Very often, patients complain of a decrease in visual acuity. Treatment in this case is carried out at home. Herbal infusions are used, through which lotions are performed.

1. In an incomplete bowl of boiling water for fifteen minutes a handful of euphoria insist. In the infusion, cotton pads are moistened, which are applied to the eyes for ten minutes twice a day.

2. For an hour 1 tbsp. l cinnamon rose hips are placed in 150 ml of boiling water. Lotions are performed before bedtime. The duration of the session is seventeen minutes.

3. A teaspoon of lilac color is steamed with boiling water (250 ml) for half an hour. Use for evening lotions, leaving gauze napkins for fifteen minutes.

4. Coriander leaves are brewed like tea. Moistened cotton pads are placed on the eyes in the evenings, leaving for twenty minutes.

Lotions and juices for diabetes.


Fresh juices from fruits, vegetables and plants are a good alternative to medicines. In addition to providing a therapeutic effect, their use can quickly increase immunity.

1. Lemon juice will help bring sugar back to normal. One raw chicken egg is added to 150 ml. Mix thoroughly and drink. Repeat in the morning and evening.

2. Freshly squeezed juice of young oat shoots is useful for an insulin-dependent type of disease. Use twice a day for half a cup before meals. The course is two weeks.

3. Bring in a proportion of one to one alfalfa juice and clean water. Drink 1/3 cup twice a day before meals.

4. Especially useful for diabetes of the first and second type pomegranate juice, since it cleanses the blood of cholesterol and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Drink a cup three times a day.
Pomegranate juice undiluted with water, and even in such quantities, strengthens. In the future, constipation may occur.

5. Freshly squeezed Jerusalem artichoke juice (four glasses per day) is indicated in the treatment of type 1 disease for the elderly.
Reception is not recommended for a tendency to flatulence.

6. Carrot juice helps in removing toxins from the body, increasing immunity and reducing the development of diabetes symptoms. They drink it undiluted in two glasses four times.

7. Normalize glucose levels by using tomato juice. Consume one hundred milliliters three times before meals.

8. If hypertension is observed, freshly squeezed potato juice is recommended. Used as a diuretic drug for pathology of both types. Drink a glass five times.
Juice should be squeezed only from fresh tubers.

9. For type 2 disease in women and the elderly, aloe juice is indicated. It is squeezed from washed and dried leaves (fresh). Use in the morning and evening for 1 tbsp. l

10. Freshly squeezed cucumber juice is recommended for the treatment of wounds that occur on the extremities with high blood sugar. You can drink undiluted on the glass three times.

11. A kilogram of ripened garden raspberry berries is crushed and poured with a mug of hot moisture. Set on fire and heated to seventy degrees. Fifteen minutes later, squeeze the juice. Drink a cup once a day.

Lotions and juices for diabetes.

12. To start the pancreas, prepare the following mix: Brussels sprouts, green beans, carrots, lettuce. The components are taken equally, passed through a meat grinder and squeezed juice. The daily norm is half a glass. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

13. Blood sugar decreases when using burdock juice. Squeeze it from the roots dug in May. They drink fifteen milliliters three times, adding to a glass of water.

14. Freshly squeezed beet juice is indicated if, in addition to diabetes, angina pectoris is observed. Drink fifty milliliters four times.
Since the juice has a high sugar content, you should not risk it.

15. Juice of sauerkraut (pickle) is indicated for all forms and types of diabetes — four times a glass.

16. Watermelon juice helps in lowering blood sugar. They drink half a mug twice. The prescription is no less effective if nephropathy is diagnosed.

17. Freshly squeezed cranberry juice is drunk if nephropathy is observed in women. The daily norm is one and a half glasses. It can be divided into portions, if desired, slightly diluted with water.

18. Juice of blackcurrant berries is useful for hypoglycemia. They drink it ½ cup twice.

19. Freshly squeezed sea buckthorn juice is recommended for combating the disease in an adult. It is consumed in the morning and evening by ½ cup.

Lotions and juices for diabetes.


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