Mastopathy, treatment with compresses.

Mastopathy, treatment with compresses.

1. Flaxseed is boiled until a mucous mass is obtained. Cool and impose on a cotton cloth. The compress is fixed on the sore chest with a food film. Leave for the night.

2. In a glass container connect 1 tbsp. l alcohol of medical and alcohol tincture of propolis. Add a glass of plain water. The tissue dampened in the product is applied to the mammary glands. Compress withstand the night.
Following the recommendation at home can cause an allergic reaction from the skin.

3. Rub a cup of fresh red rowan berries. Lightly squeeze the liquid. The cake is spread on the chest, covered with a bandage and cling film on top. Hold the hour. Sessions are carried out four times a day.

Mastopathy, treatment with compresses.

4. In a steam bath melt yellow beeswax. Mix with vegetable oil (small amount) and form cakes. When hardened, fold in a dry place. A cake is placed on the chest, leaving overnight. Wax can be melted again.

5. Launched 2-sided mastopathy, as well as a disease of the fibrocystic type, can be treated with a compress from quinoa. One kilogram of raw material is collected. When slightly dry, pass through a meat grinder. Mix with half a kilogram of ground old pork lard. A little mass is taken, applied evenly on parchment paper. The compress is transferred to the chest, fixed with a film and a scarf. Leave for the night. Conduct treatment every night until recovery.

6. A pharmacy buys green or blue clay. Dilute with warm water to the consistency of thick sour cream, observing that there are no lumps left. After the clay is laid out on a piece of fabric and used as a compress. Leave for two hours. Sessions can be repeated twice a day.

7. A teaspoon of stone oil is diluted in 150 ml of chilled boiled water. Enter 0.1 l of medical alcohol. The fabric soaked in the composition is applied to the chest, leaving it overnight. They are fixed with polyethylene and a scarf.

8. The cottage cheese is warmed up in a water bath. Serum is drained and transferred to cheesecloth. The compress is placed on the mammary gland, over it with a scarf. The duration is one hour.

9. Prepare a mint infusion — a glass of boiling water a handful of herbs. When it cools down, filter and use as a basis for jelly. Potato starch is added to the infusion, boiled and used to wet the cotton cloth. The compress should be held for at least four hours.

10. Wet gauze wrap rye bread. Keep in the oven until steamed. Then the bread is cut into two lobes. Each is used for compresses when 2-sided mastopathy is diagnosed. The duration of the session is three hours.

Mastopathy, treatment with compresses.

11. A handful of dry grass woodlice steamed with boiling water. After ten minutes, squeeze and apply to the mammary glands, fixing with a bandage and cling film. Hold the compress for forty minutes. Perform the procedure four times a day.

12. Mix three tbsp. l rye flour, three drops of iodine, one yolk and a teaspoon of honey. Knead the dough. A cake is formed, which is applied to the chest for five hours. Procedures per day are enough to overcome the manifestations of mastopathy as soon as possible and prevent the disease from progressing.

13. Half a glass of beetroot juice is combined with the same amount of grated fresh carrots. Add 1 tbsp. l pink rhodiola powder and four large spoons of burdock oil. The resulting mass is used for applying compresses, which are recommended to be changed every 5 hours.

14. You can treat tar disease. Two teaspoons are combined with the gruel of the baked onion. The mass is applied to a piece of tissue. Apply a compress for eight hours, that is, leaving it overnight.

15. To 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil add forty drops of ASD-3 fraction. Use a folk remedy for compresses, which are applied up to three times a day. No more than seven procedures are required.

16. Boil 1 tbsp. l dill seeds in a glass of water, allowing to boil for five minutes. Leave under a towel or cover until cool. Used to wet the tissue, which is then applied to the chest. Repeat sessions every four hours.

17. To the consistency of thick sour cream, rice starch is dissolved in water. The mass is transferred to the fabric. Compress put on the night.

18. In a church shop buy 50 g of incense. On a fine grater, grind and pour half a liter of white wine. Week insist. The tool is used for compresses applied overnight.

19. A teaspoon of baking soda and five drops of ammonia are added to a glass of kefir. With the resulting composition, night compresses are made if 2-sided mastopathy is detected. In the morning, the skin of each breast is washed with water and lubricated with camphor oil.

20. A steamed leaf of white cabbage is sprinkled with ordinary edible salt and applied to the chest, holding the night.
If there are sores or scratches on the skin of the chest, the recipe will cause a burning and tingling sensation.

Mastopathy, treatment with compresses.

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