Nail fungus treatment.

Fungal infection.

Nail fungus treatment. There is a very effective technique how to cheaply cure nails on the hands and feet if they are damaged by a fungal infection. The following method of curing nails gave good results and was tested in many patients.

Nail fungus treatment.

For treatment it is necessary to purchase:

— small size oilcloth, which must be washed and dried every time after cutting the nails;

— a set of small files that are used to work on iron (3-4-faceted and flat). These nadfili best suited for cutting dry nails;

— 3-4 bottles of boric alcohol;

— several packages of boric acid (white powder);

— cotton buds for wetting spilled nails with boric alcohol;

— Adhesive plaster a little more than the nail or rubber fingertips (for the big toe — condoms, to ease putting on the fingertips, they must first be screwed upward, and, putting on, lowered from top to bottom).

— socks that are worn for the night on the treated legs;

— a preparation «clotrimazole» for processing of hands after their washing if treat fingernails or nails on legs or foots, to avoid infection of fingernails or nails on arms or hand.

Nail fungus treatment.

In the beginning it is necessary to cut down the nail file as much as possible (you can even nadpil) sick dry nails to the base. This is a long process. In this case, the sick nail painlessly sypetsya as flour.
In the future, the growing dry nail will continue to file, since it can last for a long time an infection. Particular difficulty is the cutting of the nail on the side, next to the soft tissue of the finger.

To combat the fungus in this hard-to-reach place, it is necessary to steam out the legs and edges of the nail with tweezers to bite off or scrape off the surface of the nail with the tip of an acute knife or scalpel. Moisten the sawn blade nail boric acid with a stick with cotton wool. Apply a moderate layer of boric acid to the nail, especially «into the side pockets» on the border with the soft tissue of the finger. Put on a fingertip or wrap a fingernail in an adhesive plaster.

In the morning the fingertip is removed, the adhesive plaster can be left for a day or two.
Treatment spend in the evening at night. The procedure for sawing, wetting and applying boric acid takes no more than 15 minutes. To treat sick nails it is necessary systematically and persistently, daily before a dream.

During the first three months of treatment is carried out particularly carefully. During the next three months, the treatment can be performed every other day.

The results of the cure are individual: from 3-6 months to one year. The growth of new nails is promoted by vitamins and silicon, contained in a number of food additives.


Nail fungus treatment.

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