Other methods for glaucoma.

Other methods for glaucoma.


Self-massage of eyeballs at home helps to reduce intraocular pressure by improving blood circulation. Massage shows the corners of the eyes, eyelids and soft tissue around the eye.

For self-massage use three fingers. Manipulations are performed with both eyes at the same time. Light pressure is performed for 10-15 seconds, after which the eyes should be opened. Not sharply, otherwise pain can not be avoided. Repeat the action three times. In one day, three sessions are shown.

Carotid massage is no less good at lowering eye pressure. Massage movements should stretch from the earlobe to the inner region of the clavicle. The movements are depressing, but light. Work with each point should not exceed two seconds. The procedure is repeated twice a day.

Proponents of alternative techniques recommend other types of massage: temples (about three minutes), forehead, eyebrows. The course of self-massage in any case is unlimited, since this is a sure step on the path to preserving vision.

Other methods for glaucoma.


They use sea onion exclusively in baked form. Only 1 gram is required per day. It is recommended to drink it with fruit juice or milk. It is considered the strongest remedy for glaucoma.


The course of taking the mummy lasts from 25 to 30 days. In undissolved form, 0.5 grams is consumed several times a day, in another, 1 g of mummy per glass of water. The tool helps in restoring blood circulation in the eyes, is indicated for all types of glaucoma.

Duckweed pills

Small duckweed is collected in a clean pond. The houses are thoroughly washed and, laid out on paper, dried. The dried duckweed is ground into powder. They are mixed with honey until a sticky mass is obtained, from which pills are then prepared. Take a pair of pieces 3 times a day until relief from glaucoma in the elderly.


Up to five medical leeches are placed on the temporal region from the side of the patient’s eye. Previously, the skin is treated with warm boiled water or glucose solution.
The recommendation is extremely dangerous, therefore it cannot be carried out in untrustworthy medical centers!


Within one month, pollen is taken. The daily norm is 10 g. Repeat treatment twice a year.
Silver water

Washing the eyes with silver water helps to overcome glaucoma of any degree. The concentration of silver is 10-20 mg / l. Water should be used at room temperature.

Tomato juice

Every time before eating, it is recommended to drink a glass of tomato juice, in which a spoonful of natural honey is previously added.


An effective way to clean the eye canals, which is useful for glaucoma even of 4 degrees, is to draw urine through the nose. The procedure helps to reduce intraocular pressure in the case when other methods show zero effectiveness.


It is possible to normalize intraocular pressure in glaucoma at home by means of fresh berries: mountain ash, blueberries, red and black currants, strawberries, viburnum. A salad is made from berries. A day you need to eat a glass of collection.

Other methods for glaucoma.

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