Perfect training for an elastic abdomen.

Perfect training for an elastic abdomen.

We will deal with the correct technique and the number of exercises.
To master all kinds of «corners» is best on the floor. Since it, in contrast to the exercises on the wall and horizontal bar, the most simple. Here the abdomen works the best. This is the most problematic area of ​​most women. Plus, this static exercise will cause the muscles to become stronger and more elastic.


1) Starting position: lay down on the floor. Put your hands behind your head or put it along the body.

2) Raise your legs 20 cm from the floor. Fix this position for a few seconds. The legs should be straight and together.

3) Slowly return to the starting position. Get some rest and go back to the exercise.


30 seconds for 3 — 4 sets daily. Gradually bring up to 3 minutes of fixing the legs in the air.
Lightweight version.
If you find it difficult to do the exercise with straight legs. It is permissible in the first stages to bend your knees slightly.

Technique of the exercise «Vacuum for the abdomen.»

Exercise in a sitting position on a chair and on all fours.

This version can be seated or on all fours. Breathe should, as in other positions. You can sit not only on the chair, but also lowering the body on the heels. Round the back, bend your knees, lift them on the socks. Hands can be placed on your knees or on the armrests (if a chair is used).

Athletes and trained people can not only lower the body on the heels, but also keep the pelvis in tension, in an elevated position. This increases the load on the legs and abdominal muscles.

On all fours should stand with a flat back, arms and femoral part of the body.

It is necessary to create a certain rectangle: the knees should be positioned exactly under the hip joints, elbows — under the shoulder joints. While doing the exercise, the back should be slightly rounded, the shoulder blades should be taken out as far as possible (do not bring them together!).


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