Pollen is the secret of youth

Pollen is the secret of youth.

Anti aging.

Pollen is the secret of youth. Pine pollen has established itself as a means of protecting the body from premature aging.
Collect pollen is recommended from cones to its shedding.
To this end, collect yellow pine cones and dry them in the sun. Shake out the pollen from them, sift it through a thick sieve. Once again, they are dried and stored in a dry cool place in paper bags.

Prepared in this way, pollen is taken 1 g 2-3 times daily before meals. Pollen, in addition, brew like tea and drink with rheumatism, insist on alcohol.

Pollen is also covered with purulent wounds.

And gourmets from young shoots of pine prepare jam, which has curative effect in case of pneumonia and colds.
Take 1 kg of washed young shoots of pine, pour 3 cups of boiling water, boil over low heat for 20 minutes, insist for 2 hours. Filter and squeeze. The broth is brought to a boil, 4 cups of sugar are dropped and boiled slowly, stirring until the sugar dissolves within 7-10 minutes. Jam is poured into glassware.

Pine inhalation. 

Inhalation with sinus, sinus, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract
Spend with a decoction of pine buds.

In the dishes with boiling water put pine buds (in the ratio 1:10).
Bring to a boil. Cover the dishes with a towel, and head with a blanket and, opening the lid, inhale for 10-15 minutes a pair of fresh needles.


Pollen is the secret of youth.

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