Propolis got rid of corns.

Propolis got rid of corns.

Before, I would never have believed that I would be cured by an ordinary propolis, but now I can
call a folk doctor.

A callus appeared between my toes between my right legs, while walking I had a burning sensation, the pain was unbearable.

As a result, the gait became awkward and heavy. As a rule, pain intensified in the evening, and sometimes swelling of the legs appeared. Undetected and not cured in time, wet corn eventually degenerated into a dry, dense, keratinized, deep-rooted rod and very painful.

Try to cure this — you suffer! Whatever I did:
and apple cider vinegar, and aloe, and celandine fought with it … Some time passed, and the corn grew again.

I took up serious treatment already in retirement. And then propolis helped me. She took it the size of a large pea. Kneading in the hands of a cake. I put it warm between my fingers on the corns for two days. Secured with adhesive tape.

I immediately felt better, the pains were gone, and I stopped limping. Another two days passed, I withdrew the patch, and with
the rod came out. There was a deep hole that I treated with sea buckthorn oil. To prevent infection.

The little finger is the smallest toe, and how much he presented me with pain and suffering. Now I walk lightly. Almost a year has passed, and the corn has disappeared and its trace has gone cold. What a healer a simple propolis!

Propolis got rid of corns.

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