Rheumatic arthritis.

«Brindisi» gymnastics.

Rheumatic arthritis. Treatment of joints.

Owners of many modern occupations accounting for almost all working hours to spend in a seated position — at the desk, in front of computer monitor. Girls who work for secretaries 7 years, knows how hard at work this kind are tired neck and back. After a busy day there is no way to move — you come home, right on the sofa and lie or sit half-dead.

Rheumatic arthritis. Treatment of joints.

But a couple of years ago, the situation has changed for the better. One friend, an instructor in a sports club, to help pick up some of the exercises that really help deal with this problem.

Rheumatic arthritis. Treatment of joints.

The main advantage of these exercises is that they do not require special training or special facilities, they may well be to perform in the workplace or at home.

First, to get rid of the fatigue and relieve the tension from the neck muscles, need, coming from work, lie down for a bit on the floor in the following position:
feet put on standing next to a chair, under the waist and below the neck, put a small roller.

Secondly, during the work, sitting at the table, or immediately after the working day to perform daily exercises on isometric muscle tension neck, which at a voltage not exert pressure on the spine:

— Sit up straight, hands folded in the «lock». Raise the brush to the chin and push the chin down.
Neither the head nor hands should not move. Then relax and repeat the exercise several times.

— Put your hands on your forehead. Try to push your head forward and hands struggled to resist.
Only to strain the neck muscles and the head and hands still. After the exercises relax.

— Get your hands behind your head, palms put on his head. Lift your head, look up at the ceiling. Clutch fingers press on the back of his head, trying to bend the neck. At the same strain your neck, resisting pressure.

— Palm put on the temple, the thumb behind the ear. Crush his head on his hand, strenuously resisting this pressure. Change hands and repeat.

Such exercises normalize the blood circulation in the head, neck, relieve muscle fatigue.
After these exercises are not only easier to work with, but it is strong enough to ordinary evening affairs, and yet they are always so much.


Treatment of joints.

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