Russian diet.

Russian diet.

The Russian diet is a diet based on foods that are historically characteristic of our country. This technique was developed in Russia based on traditional Russian cuisine.

During the diet, it is prohibited:

alcoholic drinks;
spicy, fatty and fried;
bakery products;
canned food;
smoked meats.

Dishes on which the Russian diet is based:

vegetables and fruits;
dietary varieties of fish and meat;
low-fat dairy products;
Tea coffee.

These products provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, while the diet has a fairly low calorie content. Losing weight begins with the elimination of excess fluid from the body, and then continues with the burning of adipose tissue.

An example of a Russian diet menu


toast, 250 ml of kefir;
100 g of cottage cheese, a cup of coffee;
100 g of chicken breast (grilled or steamed), a portion of sauerkraut;
vegetable salad, a cup of tea.


150 g of beef (boil), vegetable stew, a glass of compote;
100 g pork (grilled), sauerkraut, fruit;
vegetable soup, carrot and cabbage salad, a glass of compote;
100 g turkey fillet, onion salad and cabbage with olive oil, a glass of tomato juice.


100 g of veal (boil), salad of beets and prunes with olive oil, fruit;
150 g turkey fillet (grilled), 2 baked potatoes, a glass of juice;
150 g lean fish (steamed), tomato, berries;
a portion of vinaigrette, fruit, a glass of juice.

Snacks are allowed with fruits, vegetables and dairy products. You need to eat fractionally, 5-6 times a day, and drink 1.5-2 liters of still water.

The advantages of the Russian diet include a variety of menus, ease of preparation of recommended dishes, and health benefits. The optimal duration of the Russian diet is 2 months, during which you can reduce weight by 8-10 kg. With further adherence to the principles of proper nutrition, the weight does not return back.

Russian diet.

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