Skin lesions.

How to get rid of bruises. 

Skin lesions:  Who did not have to break his knees as a child, get various bruises and bruises, and everything passed quickly, without any special consequences, skin lesions.
It’s quite another thing when an adult gets by accident a severe bruise.

This is unpleasant and painful every time. Often happens so, that visible signs of a bruise have disappeared for a long time, and the bruised place hurts.

This is also recognized by trauma doctors. There are a lot of different medicines in their arsenal, including including ointments, rubbing, as well as methods of physiotherapy to eliminate the pain syndrome.

At home, I recommend using popular recipes that help to quickly cope with this problem.

Help with bruises. Skin lesions.

A) Grate the onion on a fine grater and use the resulting gruel in the form of compresses. Especially it is useful at a bruise of a knee.

b) Finely chop 2 garlic cloves, pour 500 ml of 6% vinegar, insist 24 hours. Then use this tincture to grind the problem area (shake before use), heat it on top.

c) Good horse sorrel. To heal his leaves, stems and roots must be milled in a meat grinder, and then put the gruel to a sore spot. After such a procedure, there are no traces left from the trauma.

d) Cook half a kilo of old white beans, carefully mash and attach to a long-bruised place. Top with cotton cloth and leave a bandage for the night.

E) From bruises and bruises butter helps well. If they lubricate the bruised place, then the «bumps» will never jump up, and bruises will quickly disappear.

Heal and be well! And it is best to avoid all kinds of bruises, be careful and attentive when walking.


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