Best neck firming cream.

We keep the youth of the neck. Best neck firming cream.

Best neck firming cream. Women spend a lot of time and energy, caring for the face, trying to save thread his youth as long as possible. However, often they do not pay due attention to the neck.

But the age of a woman is easy to determine by the condition of the skin of the neck long before the signs of aging appear on the face! Therefore, it is advisable that care of the neck becomes an integral supplement of daily skin care. Moreover, such a comprehensive care will not take you much longer.

Watch your posture.

Good posture is the solution to many problems associated with the neck.
Very often we unnecessarily drop our head down or sit, propping our cheeks with our hands. But all this leads to the formation of a second chin.

To prevent aging of the neck, try to keep your head straight.
Do not sleep on a high pillow. Keep track of the cervical spine.

Purify and nourish. Best neck firming cream.

To clean the skin of the neck and prevent its premature aging can prepare the lotion. Mix the egg yolk with a half cup cream, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vodka and orange juice of medium size.

This lotion can be stored in the refrigerator and used daily. Wreathed soaked in lotion, wipe your neck from the bottom up. The skin of the neck is usually dry. Therefore, in the morning and evening, apply to it after cleansing a greasy cream for dry skin.

Do this with your fingertips, starting from the base of your neck and gradually moving upwards. Then, with the back of your hand, do slow rhythmic patches of the chin area in the direction from the middle line to the ears. This will be a good prevention of the formation of the second chin. After an hour, remove the rest of the cream with a paper towel with blotting movements.

Effective compresses.

Oily compress is best done from olive oil. Densely apply oil. Then wrap the neck with a cotton cloth. Bandage. Accept the position of reclining. After 30 minutes, remove everything. Remainder of oil residues with a napkin.

It will help to smooth wrinkles around the neck of a potato compress.
Mix 2 tbsp. spoons of freshly prepared, warm mashed potatoes. It is desirable to cook potatoes with peel. Add 1 teaspoon of liquid honey.

Apply the mixture on the neck. Cover with waxed or parchment paper. Leave on for 30-40 minutes. At the end of the procedure, wash your neck with warm water. After that, it is good to drive a little fat cream into the neck.

Very useful and contrasting compresses. Prepare 2 containers: one with cold water. Add some salt (preferably sea salt). Another container — with hot water. Put a small towel or napkin in a container with cold water. Then wring out. Straighten and attach to the neck, with your hand pressed, for one minute. Then attach a «hot» napkin to the neck. So do 5-10 minutes, ending with a «cold» napkin.

Lifting gymnastics.

• Pull out the lips with a tube and, articulating strongly, pronounce the sounds «О -У- И». This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the neck. Execute 5-7 times.

• Open your mouth wide and tilt your head back. Open and close your mouth, moving your lower jaw. Perform 7-10 times.

• Grab your elbows with the palms of opposite hands. Lift them to shoulder level. Stretch your chin to the elbow of your right hand, then to the elbow of your left arm. Run 5 times in each direction.

Water + ice.

It is advisable to wash in the morning cool, not hot water. Or wipe the neck with pieces of ice made from herbal extracts.
Ice — an excellent tonic, and with the addition of herbs, its health effects on the skin multiply.

To prepare such cosmetic ice, it is good to use infusions mint, linden, sage, calendula flowers or chamomile.
1 tbsp. Spoon the raw material with a glass of boiling water. Especially good is herb ice in the summer: it refreshes, invigorates, eliminates inflammation, makes the skin supple and elastic.

What kind of mask is suitable for neck care?

In principle, the same ones that you do to nourish the skin of the face. Therefore, when applying a mask on your face, do not forget to apply it on your neck. In the form of a mask on the wrinkled skin of the neck, you can apply any cream for dry skin with the addition of a pinch of fine salt.


Best neck firming cream.

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