Treatment of heartburn.

Recipes for the treatment of heartburn.

Treatment of heartburn.

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Now consider the simple folk remedies to treat heartburn. Recipes have very different, but pay attention primarily on the most effective ones. Treatment of heartburn.

Kalinovoye jam.

Do not rush to take pills, and drugs for heartburn. As practice shows, heartburn treatment at home is possible without any difficulty.
Kalinovoye usual jam can be used for this purpose. It is possible to prepare and roll your own, but you can buy in the store or on the market.
One tablespoon of jam, spread a glass of boiled water. You can drink as much as you like — but more often, the better. Heartburn begins to take place in three or four days.

To make such a jam, follow the simple recipe:

Collect Kalina (collection time — late autumn). Narva enough grapes and thoroughly wash.
Put Kalina in a metal pan and remove it from the bones.
Pour into a bowl of water and place in the oven for an hour. Kalina steamed, and its rind is tender.
Grind heated and softened Kalina through a sieve.
Add as much sugar as you like, to taste.
Add the water in a ratio of 1 to 5 and boil on the fire.
This is a great way to cook the jam healing at home. As it is fresh, of course, will be more effective than canned.

Potato juice.

Effective treatment for heartburn — this potato juice. Dermatologic potato juice come up with for a long time, they were treated as gastritis and ulcers. Nausea, belching and other unpleasant symptoms also tested. Other most effective way to treat gastritis folk remedies can be found in a separate article.
To prepare the juice, squeeze out a few potato tubers, until you have a full glass. Dilute honey flavor, add 1 tablespoon. You will get a ready structure. Cook it regularly and take twice a day. Once — in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach, and the other — in the evening, before bedtime. You need to drink half a cup, but allowed dose and a glass.
The course of treatment is two weeks, but if you like it, you can drink the juice, and then to improve the work of the stomach.

Pounded nuts.

Take peeled walnuts or almonds. They need to be crushed to a state close to the powder.
Take the resulting tool will need one tablespoon per day.
Due to this, the heartburn begins to take place, and the risk of relapse is significantly reduced.

Eggshell heartburn.

Ne surprised, but heartburn can really help eggshell. You will need to cook one hard boiled egg, peel it and crush the shells to a fine powder.
The resulting powder — this is the remedy for heartburn, rich in trace elements and minerals.
Take it should be three times a day, at any time, half a teaspoon.


Many rightly believe that celery — the best folk remedy for heartburn. Take a fresh celery, finely chop and dry. The resulting amount of celery 2 teaspoons pour a glass of boiling water. Insist half an hour.
The resulting broth can drink floor polstakana two or three times a day. In addition, you can eat and fresh celery root in rastёrtom or chopped form. Suffice it to two tablespoons three times a day for 30 minutes before eating. The course of treatment is about celery month.

Infusion of flax.

To prepare the infusion of flax seeds, take two tablespoons of these seeds and pour a half cup of boiling water.
Let sit in a closed container for two to three hours, and then drain the through cheesecloth. Drink this infusion is needed for half a cup once a day at bedtime.
Before the use of linen infusion necessarily be heated to a warm state.

Herbal pickings.

Heartburn Treatment at home doing great with the help of herbs. You can use tarragon and chamomile — both of these herbs are great help for heartburn. Take a tablespoon of sage, pour 1 cup boiling water and leave for 2 hours. Similarly insist chamomile in the same proportions.
Half a cup of wormwood liqueur drink before eating, and after 10 minutes, drink half a cup of chamomile infusion. Take both of the infusion should be in the morning on an empty stomach and before each meal during the day. The treatment of such folk remedies for heartburn is from 10 to 12 days.

Soda heartburn.

Another worthy answer to the question of how to cure heartburn folk remedies — is soda. Dermatologic soda began not so long ago, but it also proved popular recipe. To prepare a remedy for heartburn, take a third of a glass of boiled water and to sprinkle in 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

Unpleasant sensations are lost if not immediately, then very quickly. But keep in mind that the use of such popular recipes from heartburn are not everything. Be sure to consult with a medical professional to make sure you do not have contraindications.

Apple vinegar.

One of the oldest means of getting rid of heartburn — is apple cider vinegar. Thanks to him, it was possible to win heartburn in a variety of settings. All you need to do — is to take every day for 100 grams of apple cider vinegar.

This should be done necessarily before a meal — as many times as you eat. The course of treatment is usually two to three weeks, followed by heartburn usually does not appear a very long time.


Treatment of heartburn.

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