White clay masks.

White clay masks.

Who should use white clay masks?

1. For owners of oily skin, cosmetic white clay will help to forget about the problem of oily sheen and hated black dots.

2. Girls with problem skin breathe a sigh of relief, getting rid of annoying pimples and small rashes.

3. Women with “tired” skin after several procedures will be able to enjoy a tightened face contour, improved color and elasticity of the skin.

4. Owners of regular or combination skin will receive a shock dose of the necessary trace elements.
Kaolin extremely rarely causes allergies, so there are no contraindications for masks with white clay. But if you try such a remedy for the first time, do not be lazy before the procedure to check the reaction of your skin on your wrist.

White clay masks.

Rules for making masks at home

1. It is best to buy clay at a pharmacy or a qualified cosmetic store. Pay attention to its shelf life and the uniformity of the powder — there should be no debris or lumps in it.

2. It is impossible to make a mask from white clay in a metal bowl — this will lead to the loss of nutrients.

3. When adding water, make sure that it is not hot, otherwise the product will not bring benefits. The ideal option is mineral water.

4. The mask should be used immediately after manufacture.

5. Do not apply the clay mixture to the area around the eyes.

6. For girls with sensitive or dry skin, you can add a little vegetable oil and lemon juice to any mask to remove the “tightening” effect.

7. Before the procedure, it is advisable to steam and gently clean the face, after — wash with cool water, preferably boiled.

8. Do not keep a mask of white clay for longer than the specified time.

Homemade White Clay Face Mask Recipes

Acne White Clay Mask

What to expect: improving the condition of problem skin, preventing the appearance of acne.

a tablespoon of kaolin;
2 tablespoons of alcohol or vodka;
teaspoon of aloe juice.

How to cook: mix all the ingredients until smooth, and gently apply on the face. After ten minutes, rinse with cool water and apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

Mask of white clay from black dots

Result: getting rid of black spots, preventing inflammatory processes.

You will need:
Art. a spoon of white clay;
the same amount of mineral water;
teaspoon of lemon juice;
1 drop of essential oils of peppermint and tea tree.

How to use: dilute kaolin with mineral water and mix thoroughly, add the remaining components. Wait a quarter of an hour after application and remove the mixture with cool water. Be prepared for the fact that you need to carry out 2–4 procedures for a tangible result.

White clay mask for wrinkles

Result: velvet skin without wrinkles.
White clay;
inflorescences of linden;
sage, lavender and chamomile flowers.

Preparation and method of application: prepare a decoction, fill one tablespoon of all herbs with boiling water and let it brew for about an hour. Add kaolin until the mixture is as thick as sour cream. Cleanse the skin, apply and hold for 20–25 minutes. The maximum effect can be achieved if, after removing the mask, moisturize the skin with cream.

White clay and lemon mask

Result: the product will help improve complexion and whiten age spots.

It is necessary:
a tablespoon of kaolin;
freshly squeezed lemon juice;
parsley and strawberry juice (strawberries).

Preparation and method of application: mix all the ingredients, mix thoroughly the gruel and smear your face. The duration of the procedure is a quarter of an hour.

White clay and honey mask

The tool will help: eliminate wrinkles and age spots, tighten the skin and give freshness.

a teaspoon of honey;
a tablespoon of clay.

Preparation and method of application: using a water bath, heat honey to a liquid state. Add clay a little while stirring constantly. Bring the pulp to the consistency of the cream, apply to the skin and wait 20 minutes.

White clay whitening mask

Result: improved complexion, less noticeable age spots, elastic and velvet skin, the best recipe with a whitening effect.

freshly squeezed tomato juice.

Preparation and method of application: dilute the clay with tomato juice to a consistency that is convenient for you. Cover your face with a thick layer of mask, rinse off after 15 minutes.

White clay and milk mask

What to expect: an excellent tool for gentle hydration and nutrition of dry skin, as well as the fight against the first signs of aging.

one tablespoon of white clay, homemade cottage cheese, sour cream;
three tablespoons of milk.

How to use: mix all components and apply gruel on previously cleansed skin. The duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes.

White clay masks.

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