Alternative methods for epilepsy.

Alternative methods for epilepsy.

To get rid of bouts of epilepsy, according to folk doctors, you can with the help of many improvised tools and products. Treatment with their help is called affordable and effective.

Apricot kernels

If the disease is observed in a child, it is recommended to use apricot kernels daily for a month. The quantity is determined by age. Eat in the morning on an empty stomach.

Squirting cucumber

With epileptic seizures, it is recommended to breathe mad cucumber powder. Another treatment option is to bury its juice in the nasal passages.

Elderberry jam

With regular seizures, it is indicated to use elderberry jam. Every day, a treat is eaten before bedtime — two large spoons, washed down with tea. The method can be used for children.


Burning wood to form charcoal. A small coal, previously ground, is added to the glass with water. Give the patient a drink. Treatment does not stop for eleven days.

Alternative methods for epilepsy.

Stone oil

Since stone oil contains more than 70 substances useful for the human body, it is considered a good tool in the treatment of epilepsy. The therapeutic composition is prepared as follows: add three kilograms of oil to several liters of water, mix thoroughly. Take a glass three times a day, preferably before meals. The course lasts a month.

Healing pillow

For any type of epilepsy, it is recommended to fill the patient’s pillow with dried raw materials: creeping thyme, hop cones, mint leaves, marigold flowers, feverfew, melilot, lovage. Sleep on the pillow should be constantly.
Before using this method, you need to make sure that there is no allergic reaction of the patient to phyto-components.

Orange leaves

Patients with epilepsy, including adolescents, are recommended to eat an fresh or dried leaf of orange hourly.


The method was actively used in antiquity. Conventional magnets were applied to the eyelids or feet for a couple of minutes. Recommended for children and adults.


With an approaching attack of epilepsy, it is recommended to perform acupressure. Behind the outer corner of the root of the nail of the first toe there is a biologically active point, which you need to work out. A session lasts no more than twenty seconds.


Traditional healers believe that to avoid an attack or alleviate the condition with what has already happened is possible through copper. The patient should always have a copper jewelry with him. It is enough to rub it in the palms with an impending fit.

Vegetable oil

An effective remedy against epilepsy is called ordinary vegetable oil. Gather in the mouth 1 tbsp. l., concentrate near the front teeth and dissolve for at least fifteen minutes. The method can be applied to adolescents.

Wangi Recipe

For the treatment of the “epileptic” disease, take a long section of the canvas, soak it with a mixture of olive oil, melted wax and wax. Fix the canvas along the spine.


In the early morning they go out onto a dewy meadow and spread a blanket of thin fabric on the grass. When the dew is absorbed, they turn into a coverlet. Wait until the fabric is completely dry.

Fish fat

Omega-3, according to folk healers, is an essential tool for any type of epilepsy, including alcohol. Fish oil reduces the excitability of brain cells, so attacks occur much less frequently. If desired, the method is used for children and adolescents.

Nettle seeds

The patient is recommended to inhale smoke from burnt nettle seeds. The procedure is repeated several times a day until the attacks stop.

Resin is quiet

Used to treat night attacks. You can buy tar at a church store. Several pieces are placed in the patient’s room, including the child. Smyrna has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Steel insoles

To prevent exacerbations and general strengthening of the body, insoles of several layers of alloy steel are put into the patient’s shoes. You need to wear them constantly.


More effective, from the point of view of supporters of alternative medicine, is children’s urine (a child under the age of eight). It is better to take fresh, but in the absence of such an opportunity, they are stored in the refrigerator. Used for the treatment of «padauchy» inside of 1 tbsp. l three times a day before meals.


Once a week, the patient is recommended to lubricate the ointment prepared at home. To half a liter of pork fat add 100 g of crushed root lovage. Mixed. The finished product is stored in a cool place. It is used as a composition to prevent an epileptic seizure.

Healing mixture

In equal proportions, the seeds of sesame, plantain, evening primrose, fenugreek and pumpkin are mixed. Add a spoonful of fresh honey and mix. Store folk remedy in the refrigerator. Use 1 tbsp. l every time before eating, with a small amount of clean liquid.

Alternative methods for epilepsy.

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