Bowel problems.

Syrup for intestines.

Bowel problems.

Who now has no problems with the intestines?
Bowel problems. I know that constipation occurs frequently and is not as harmless as it seems. Many of the problems we have in the body happen just because the intestine is not emptied on time. I also struggled with constipation.
Tried all the laxatives.

A couple of months, one drug helps, then — no results, I buy another. Vicious circle.
She began to seek salvation on the other side of the pharmacy. On the advice of my friends I collected berries rowan and cooked syrup from them.

We need to sort out the mountain ash and wash it, fill it in layers with any layer: a layer of berries, a layer of sugar and so on up to the top.

Tie a rag, put in the sun or in a warm place.
After a while, the sugar will dissolve and a syrup will form.
He must be insisted for about a month, but not to start wandering around.

Strain and squeeze the berries.
Add the alcohol to the resulting syrup:
25 grams per 0.5 liter syrup. Ready syrup take a small glass in the morning on an empty stomach, you can dilute with cold water.

It relaxes this remedy quickly, but very gently.
Drink syrup until the chair is adjusted, and then take a break. Again, problems — get out and drink syrup.
I did two courses and coped with my perennial constipation.


Bowel problems.

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