Deep vein thrombosis treatment.

How to treat varicose disease?

Deep vein thrombosis treatment.

First of all it is necessary to treat the veins. If cure varicose veins, and the plagues will not. If you have ulcers on the legs, the veins treatment must also connect the treatment of these ulcers.

Here is the best way sealer oil — it needs to be taken both inside and lubricate them ulcers (or to do oil packs). Sealer in oil burning does not cause injuries, it has anti-inflammatory activity and enhances vascular wall.

You can cook the oil sealer as follows:
50 g of dry grass Hypericum pour 500ml of any vegetable oil (or 100 g of St. John’s wort oil liters), boil 2 hours on a water bath, then give infuse for 8 hours and strain.

For the treatment of varicose veins, traditional medicine offers hazel, Melilotus officinalis, chestnut horse, cross the meadow, butcher. This is the main plant for the treatment of varicose veins, which can be successfully applied.

Hazelnut — a good assistant veins.

It is known and accessible to our means, because hazel shrub widespread in the European part of Russia. Leves forest shrubs nuts can be harvested throughout the summer, until they withered and
fell off. Hazel leaves brewed with boiling water and drink as tea.
1-2 tbsp. spoons of hazel leaves pour 500 ml boiling water, leave to cool and drink 150 ml 3 times a day.

It is known historical fact, that it has helped Pushkin hazel cope with varicose veins. When the poet was exiled to Pskov ical province, a local witch doctor advised him decoction of hazel.
Alexander brewed from the leaves and twigs of hazel tea, which
I drink every day without a norm for about a year.

Medicine chestnut.

You need to take the grass, blood thinning and strengthening venous wall. One of the best of these plants is a chestnut horse.
From it, even preparing a pharmaceutical preparation called «Aescusan».

At home, you can also prepare the medicine of the horse chestnut. The main active ingredient of horse chestnut — escin. Prepare a tincture of horse chestnut kernels of nuts, although you can use the shell.
In September-October, mature chestnut nuts, you can grind in a coffee grinder to powder and cook 10% tincture Bay 1 part of the powder 10 parts of good quality vodka and infuse for three weeks in a dark place. Drink 15-20 drops with water 3 times a day, preferably
before meals, on an empty stomach.

Sweet clover thins the blood, reduces inflammation and pain.

Active ingredients are sweet clover drug coumarin. They thin the blood, have a slight sedative effect.
Collect Melilotus officinalis (it blooms yellow flowers) during
flowering. From preparing clover infusion.
Teaspoon finely minced raw pour a glass of boiling water, to insist to cool, strain. Take a third cup 3 times a day.

Backache meadow with venous diseases.

A good tool for the treatment of varicose veins is to cross the meadow (this plant still has a name and a dream-herb Pulsatilla).
Since this plant belongs to the slaboyadovitym, then it is best to prepare a tincture.
Prepare vodka 10% tincture of herbs lumbago meadow and take it 10-15 drops 3 times a day. Lumbago grass collected during the flowering plants.
Pulsatilla pratensis grows longer on calcareous soils, it belongs to the primrose and blooms in April, immediately after the snow will melt.


Deep vein thrombosis treatment.

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