Diet weight loss.

Effective Diets for quick weight loss.

Diet weight loss.

Diet juices. Quick and useful.

It’s fast, but a rigid diet! The result is visible within 2-3 days! However, not everyone can stand it!
Juice recipe is very simple. Approximately 8 oranges, two lemons and two grapefruits need to squeeze the juice. The resulting juice to drink at a time. It is necessary to drink 3 such portions throughout the day. This juice drink at any time, or every 2 h.

You can drink purified water in desired amounts, but from food have to give up completely. Very rigid diet, but very effective. If your goal — to lose weight, this diet is for you, but you need a little patience to restrain themselves. This diet is designed for 2-3 days. But it is very strong-willed person can «sit» on it, and 5 days.

Diet for weight loss is very rapid — the egg and honey.

This diet is designed for a short time. For 2 days you lose weight by 1.5 — 2 kg.
This diet is very simple menu, and from the fact that the honey is added to the diet, this diet is transferred very easily. You need to prepare the drink, consisting of a teaspoon of honey and egg yolk, and beat it with a mixer.

This cocktail is necessary to drink before a meal every time.
The first day:
For breakfast, you need to drink a cup of coffee of tea without sugar (it is possible with a lemon).
For lunch, you must eat 90 grams. After that, you can drink a cup of tea, it is possible with a lemon or coffee without sugar.

For dinner, you need a small piece of rye bread and some amount of chicken broth. A «please» itself can be eating an apple or an orange.
Second day:
The breakfast should be a small piece of rye bread, and after a cup of coffee without sugar or tea with lemon.
For lunch, you need to cook 150 grams. lean meat or fish, as well as a side dish would cook a small amount of cabbage or spinach, and a cup of tea with lemon or coffee without sugar.

For dinner suit 90 grams. cheese and a slice of rye bread and lemon tea without sugar.
To be most effective egg-honey diet dinner should be no later than 4 hours before bedtime. Best in 18:00 — 19:00.

Express-diet for quick weight loss.

This is a very effective diet. Its duration of 2 to 5 days, but no more. Feature, and at the same time, the complexity of this diet is that there is practically no dinner! It is difficult, but good results can and try, do not you, dear woman?

On the breakfast you need to eat a boiled egg and a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.
Lunch should be approximately at 12:00. It includes a small amount of low-fat cottage cheese with yogurt or vegetable juice (without salt).
Lunch is well suited 150g. fish or chicken breast. For garnish you need to prepare a salad of fresh vegetables, and you must fill it with lemon juice. For dessert, you can eat unsweetened fruit or strawberries, cherries or cherry wood.

For dinner, you have to make herbal tea without sugar or calming infusion of herbs.

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Diet weight loss.


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