Epilepsy Powders.

Epilepsy Powders.

The intake of powders for the treatment of epilepsy at home is carried out for no longer than four months, after which a mandatory break is indicated.

1. Angelica officinalis. Intended for the treatment of alcoholic type of pathology. Powder is prepared by grinding dry raw materials. Use three times a day for 0.5 g.

2. For any type of disease, use powder prepared at home from licorice root, peony root and duckweed. Each component is taken in one piece, mixed and ground in a coffee grinder. Single dose — ½ tsp. Treatment should take two weeks. After a fourteen-day break, repeat the course.

3. Prepare a powder from valerian root (1 tsp is needed) and cherry tree resin (1 tsp). Mix, add 50 ml of kvass, eight large spoons of freshly squeezed sage juice and a couple of large spoons of apple cider vinegar. Mix and every two hours use 40 ml.

4. Take a pinch of burnt alum powder, pour hot water and stir. Drink 1 tsp. thrice a day.

5. Proponents of alternative medicine consider powder prepared from the sow’s afterbirth a good remedy for any type of epilepsy. It is dried and frayed in a mortar. Consume 1 tsp., Adding to tea in the morning. Treatment lasts only three days.

Epilepsy Powders.

6. Two small bones are mined from the pig’s head (one in each half). Boil for several hours under a lid, after which it is dried and ground into powder. A quarter of a dessert spoon is added to the patient with epilepsy in food and drink twice at twenty-four hours.

7. Ground the nutmeg to a powder. With an impending seizure, give the patient a dessert spoon of the drug.
Nutmeg powder cannot be consumed in case of epilepsy due to the proven negative reaction of the product to the patient’s condition.

8. Valerian roots and sage leaves are ground into powder. Mix 1 tsp. They are consumed every two hours for 4 g. It is better to drink a folk remedy not with water, but with a decoction or infusion of sage leaves.

9. Burn agate on fire. Grind into powder and use three times a day for half a dessert spoon, washed down with several sips of water.

10. Their dried grass of hogweed prepare powder. They use four grams each time before a meal, washed down with water.

Epilepsy Powders.

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