Improve the look of the eyes. Recovery.


In our family, the problems of backwardness are everything: big and small. Farsightedness. Until recently, the grandson suffered severe farsightedness, which came to him in early childhood as a result of complications of scarlet fever. He wears glasses for seven years.

When problems with vision began, the doctor advised him to transfer the child to a naturopathy diet. He explained that many cases of visual impairment, caused or aggravated by the intake of excess amounts of starch, sugar, protein. Therefore, taking to restore normal vision in the child, it was necessary in addition to various methods of treatment and to revise their diet.


In this case, the child was needed for breakfast — fruits and dairy products; for lunch — vegetable salad with parsley (parsley strengthens eyesight), whole grain bread, cheese, carrots.

For salad dressings, I took lemon juice and unrefined vegetable oil. Eating twice a day in a similar way, the third meal is you can eat meat, fish, eggs or vegetables, steamed.

But most importantly — together with the grandson of diet exercises for the muscles of the eyes morning and evening. All together exercises took him about 4-5 minutes a day. Of course, all these exercises are performed without glasses.


I will give four basic:

• Carefully, without pressure, move your eyes up and down 6 times. The eyes should move slowly and evenly, as far as possible, and then down as far as possible. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times in 6 movements, with pauses in 2-3 seconds between cycles.

• Move the eyes from side to side with a maximum amplitude, without much effort, 6 times. Repeat, as in the previous exercise, 2-3.

• Hold your index finger about twenty centimeters into his eyes, and then move the view with your finger to any large object that is three meters or more away. Looking back and forth ten times, then relax for one second and repeat 2-3 times.

Do this exercise at a fairly fast pace. This is the best exercise for the eyes to adapt to a clear vision of objects at different distances.
Do this exercise should be as often as you can, and anywhere. Frequent performance will only benefit.

• Move your eyes slowly and gently in a circle in one direction, and then on the other side, for 4 laps in one direction and the other. Then the second, relax and repeat these four circular movements on each side 2-3 times.

The grandson achieved a good result. Now he wears only glasses during the class. And, probably, in the near future, and generally removes them.



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