Fish mono diet.

Fish mono diet.

Fish mono diet. Fish is a product found in many diets due to its low calorie content and health benefits. Unlike meat products, fish is easily and almost completely absorbed by the body, while being a highly nutritious food.

Losing weight with the help of a fish diet allows you to lose weight without experiencing a painful feeling of hunger, improve the body and give rest to the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Fish (especially fresh sea fish) is a source of the following vitamins and elements:

B vitamins;
vitamins A, B, E, D;
fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6, omega-9).

The fish diet for weight loss is designed for a three-day period. The diet consists of fish products (including seafood), vegetables, fruits and chicken eggs.

You can drink non-carbonated water, tea and coffee in unlimited quantities. Sugar, salt and spices are prohibited during the diet. You shouldn’t drink alcohol.

Sample fish mono diet menu

Breakfast — 2 chicken eggs (hard-boiled), a glass of low-fat kefir, fruit
Second breakfast — 200 g of fish with vegetables (you can stew or boil), fruit
Lunch — a portion of fish soup
Snack — a glass of kefir
Dinner — 250 g of fish + vegetable side dish

Preferred fish varieties: pink salmon, pollock, hake, pike perch, cod, flounder and salmon. Canned, smoked, dried or salted fish should not be used. You can cook fish only steamed or boiled. To improve its taste, it is allowed to use herbs, lemon juice and garlic.

Contraindications of a fish diet for weight loss

liver disease;
diseases of the stomach and intestines;
exacerbation of chronic diseases;
individual intolerance to seafood;
pregnancy and lactation;
children and adolescence.

For healthy people, prior consultation with a specialist is recommended. The doctor will tell you how to compensate for the lack of fiber in the diet.

Fish mono diet.

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