Infusions from cataracts.

Infusions from cataracts.

Proponents of home treatment believe that taking phyto-infusions helps the body quickly overcome manifestations of cataracts without surgical assistance.

1. Ten grams of grass of a string, sea kale and common motherwort are mixed, fifteen grams of corn stigmas, chamomile and twenty grams of chokeberry are added.

About eight fruits of hawthorn are added to the collection. The plant mixture is poured with boiling water at the rate of 250 ml per teaspoon. Leave for five hours. After filtered.

Treatment is continued for a month, taking three tablespoons of the drug three times a day, before meals.
Since the composition contains chokeberry, it is not recommended for use with hypotonics.

2. To get rid of cataracts, 40 grams of gingerbread and oregano are mixed. The collection is poured with boiling water in an amount of 500 ml. In a thermos insist at least two hours. Filter.

Drink 70 ml of infusion before meals three times a day. The course lasts 10 days, followed by a five-day break and a new course.

3. Prepare an infusion from the following collection: 20 g of the roots of pink rhodiola, high zaniha and dried nettle, 15 g of red hawthorn and a teaspoon of hypericum. 250 ml of boiling water is steamed, filtered after forty minutes.

Drink for three weeks, 50 ml each time before eating.
Regular intake of Rhodiola rosea may cause excessive arousal.

4. Take three parts of St. John’s wort grass, two each — red viburnum and wild rose. Add one part of birch leaves, lingonberry grass, flax, string, horsetail, plantain and knotweed grass, dioica nettle. Separate 60 grams of the collection, pour 230 ml of boiling water.

Stand under a towel for fifteen minutes. Filter twice. For one month they drink a quarter cup three times a day before meals.

5. For 250 ml of hot water take tea L. flowers of medicinal valerian. Stand for half an hour, filtered. Drink before meals four times a day, 125 ml, continuing therapy for at least three weeks.

6. To effectively get rid of the manifestations of cataract for a couple of hours in a thermos (0.5 l), three tablespoons of a collection of 35 grams of common gooseberry and a similar amount of white mistletoe and oregano are steamed.

After filtration, they begin taking: three times a day after meals, one third of a cup. The course is 10 days. After a five-day break, you can repeat it.

7. For a couple of hours in a glass of hot liquid insist 1 tbsp. l strawberry leaves. Drink as long as possible in the dining room. three times in 24 hours.

Infusions from cataracts.

8. Take ten grams of birch leaves, peppermint, big burdock, eleutherococcus roots, cassia leaves, kidney tea, fruits of sowing carrots. Fifteen grams of rose hips are added. Insist hour in 500 ml of liquid.

Use half a glass three times in 24 hours after a meal. The course of treatment is a month. After a break in a couple of weeks, repeat.

9. To three parts of the herb of St. John’s wort add two — mountain ash and wild rose, one — birch leaves. They are mixed with five parts of herbs of plantain and lingonberry, knotweed, flax, dioica nettle, succession, horsetail.

Dining room 500 ml of water are poured into the collection, they are quenched in a water bath for a quarter of an hour. Drink half a cup three times a day before meals. Cataract treatment is continued for at least four weeks.

10. Take 10 grams of blackcurrant leaves, mix with 30 g of carrot, rose hip and dioecious nettle leaves. A large collection spoon is separated, steamed for 400 hours in 400 ml of hot water. Use three times a day with cataracts of 120 ml for a two-week period.

11. A few grams of dried leaves of blackcurrant is poured with boiling water in an amount of 180 ml. Insist 20 minutes. Divided into two doses. Treatment continues for at least fourteen days.

12. At home, it is recommended to be treated as follows: to three tbsp. l chopped walnut leaves add a few teaspoons of rosehip flowers, 1 tsp. rosehip root (finely chopped) and a piece of aloe. Pour 500 ml of freshly boiled liquid. Allow to stand for about seven hours.

Drink the entire volume in the evening. One day — take the composition, three days — a break. Repeat the pattern twelve times.

13. To cleanse the lens with cataracts, the following folk remedy is used: a large spoon of grated horseradish root is placed in a glass of boiling water and kept under a towel for a short time.

Drink four times in 24 hours, five tablespoons, preferably before meals. The course is a little less than a month.
The prescription is contraindicated in case of increased acidity of the stomach.

14. Prepare a collection of thirty-five grams taken of peppermint, mistletoe and oregano. Steamed with a liter of boiling water. After two hours, filter. Drink ½ cup three times a day. Treatment is carried out for ten days. After a week break, repeat.

The common mistletoe present in the infusion can cause poisoning, manifested in nausea and upset stomach.

Infusions from cataracts.

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