Lemon diet.

Fastest way to lose weight.
Lemon diet.
Lemon diet for effective weight loss and no food restrictions.

Want to become a leaner and healthier? Come to the aid lemon diet — it will be enjoyed by you and your figure!

How the lemon diet? Key to success in vitamin C. Lemon diet.

Features lemon diet.

Those who are often worried about heartburn, or who have other problems with digestion, it is not necessary to abuse citrus. But all the rest during the week can start the morning with a glass of lemon water.

It is prepared as follows: a sliced lemon and one peeled cucumber. Plus minced ginger root (slice thickness of 1 cm) and mint leaves. Put in a jar, pour 2 liters of water, stir and refrigerate. During the day you need to drink 1.5 liters of the lemonade.

Classic lemon diet.

This technique is designed for two weeks. The essence consists in daily use juice diluted in warm water, with almost no limitations on food. Here is the lemon diet for 14 days:

Day 1 — 1 lemon 1 glass of water;
2nd — 2 to 2 cups;
3rd — 3 3;
4th — 4 4;
5th — 5 5;
6th — 6 6;
7 — 3 and squeeze the fruit juice is mixed with 3 liters of water and honey. Then, the amount is gradually reduced;
8th — 6 6;
9 d is 5 to 5;
10 4 4 d-;
11 minutes — 3 3;
12 minutes — 2 2;
13 minutes — 1 1;
14 minutes — Repeat the seventh day
The juice should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach one hour before meals. Because of lemon diet you can lose up to 5 kg for 2 weeks. You do not have to limit yourself to food and counting calories. In addition, lemons are sold in every supermarket and affordable.


Lemon diet.

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