Osteoarthritis treatment.

Osteoarthritis treatment.

Osteoarthritis treatment. Juniper will heal the joints.

Not so long ago, my mother had problems with joints. Osteoarthritis treatment. We decided she did not have to say anything, do not disturb. But I noticed myself that her knees on her legs had changed in some strange way.

Earlier they were like mine — round, smooth. And now they have become somehow turned, shishkastymi. I paid attention to them and asked my mother if they were not ill. She was so embarrassed, and then confessed — really, it hurts.

Mom has long been walking around doctors, trying to cure their joints, but you can not argue with old age. I did not agree with this statement and began to look for a way out.

My search led me to an old woman, who treats with unconventional means. I talked to her, and she told me that it was their family. Both her mother and grandmother were engaged in treatment. She advised her mother to rub with ointment from laurel and juniper.

Osteoarthritis treatment.

The ointment is prepared in this way.

Take 6 pieces of bay leaves, 1 part of juniper needles and 10 pieces of butter. Very carefully refer to the purchase of butter. There is a possibility, buy the present, from the cow. And if you buy in a store, then look at the composition.

It should be a natural oil, and not all these margarines in plastic jars. They only harm health, make them out of such a muck that you do not even want to think about it. Put all ingredients in a coffee grinder and bolden.

Gained ointment rub the aching joints. My mother had a pain in her knees in two weeks. It seems to me that they even look better, the old roundness has returned. I wish all the elderly readers good health and long life.


Grandma’s rubbing.

My grandmother at age 82 had no idea what pains in the joints,
heaviness in the legs, aches in the spine. And the reason for this is everything — her
miraculous rubbing.

Truly, I had not experienced a better tool myself. My neck hurt in some way, so much so that I could not even sit for a long time, and my grandmother offered me her miracle-rubbing.

Do not believe me, two days later I felt such relief, as if a bag of stones fell from my shoulders. And four days later I forgot that my neck was sore.

Here’s the recipe for this. It treats everything: radiculitis, arthritis, arthrosis,
osteochondrosis — everything that is associated with joints and bone tissue.

300 g of alcohol, 1 bottle of camphor alcohol (10 ml), 1 bottle of iodine (10 ml), 10 tablets of analgin.

All mix, insist in a dark place for 21 days, and you can use.
Tear at night and tie a woolen cloth or scarf of wool and
Go to bed. You can rub it in the afternoon, if you do not go out into the street.
10 days to grind, then 5 days break, and then another 10 days to grind if
It hurts.

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