Sore joints.

Sore joints.

Any person, especially the elderly, it is known that such painful joints. Sore joints.
When tormented because of salt deposits — white light becomes not nice, I do not want to move or work.

I myself suffer from joint pain for many years. Probably affects the work — for many years on their feet, and can be, and poor diet in their youth, when about sores did not reflect. In general, the reasons
It could be many, but one result — the solid meal.

How to escape from this, I found out by accident. Of course, I tried a lot of different ways. Something did not help, something only for a short time.

Medicines sorts exists, but is very expensive to get all the sample. And two years ago accidentally I met a friend. We talk about sores. I somehow have remembered about his legs.

She was asking — what a pain, what. As I heard about the deposition of salts, he said that will help me easily. I could not believe so many years I am suffering, which is not only tried, but did not argue — it wanted to hear first.

Simple recipe turned out, so I decided to. We need to take 4 hours. Tablespoons dried horsetail and pour 2 cups of boiling water. Wrap and insist 2 hours. Strain and take a tablespoon 5-6 times a day.

But externally I put boiled and pounded turnips. And really helped.

I apply this method in exacerbations for two years now, and bear them much easier.
And most importantly, that the repeated pain less and less. I hope and quite cured.


Sore joints.

Pain runs.

• There is a good remedy for arthritis and osteoarthritis. To fill a half-liter jar buds dandelion, pour a «triple» cologne, leave for 3 months. This is an excellent tool for grinding of joints.

• Ointment for boils can be prepared as follows: mix a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of cream, finely chopped onion head and a small amount of soap chips, simmer on low heat, stirring constantly for 30 minutes. Transfer to a jar. Apply to the sore spot.

• A genuine way to get rid of sciatica is as follows: take 4 sheets of thick white paper and attach them to the screen working TV. After 5 minutes, remove. Under the influence of static electricity
they will stick tightly to each other. Charged sheets attach to the sore spot on his back. After the first session, a sharp pain becomes dull. Typically, curing occurs after three sessions.


Sore joints.

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