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Cardiosclerosis. Cardiosclerosis is a disease where connective scar tissue develops in the heart. This is possible with atherosclerosis, myocarditis, and may also be consequence of myocardial infarction. The clinical picture consists of the following symptoms. 1. Change in contractility hearts. 2. Changes in heart rate and conductivity. 3. Cardiovascular failure. The disease may progress with […]

High cholesterol.

High cholesterol.

Herbs for vessels. High cholesterol. Heart disease atherosclerosis. Treatment of atherosclerosis. If you are diagnosed with atherosclerosis, which means the disruption of the body’s cardiovascular system, narrowing and blockage of blood vessels, immediately begin the fight against cholesterol. It was he who is the enemy number one for the vessels. I suggest a few recipes […]

Signs of atherosclerosis.

Symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis. Treatment of atherosclerosis. Signs of atherosclerosis. Changes in the patient’s state of health human atherosclerosis at an early stage is usually apparent only to himself, and then others. The first stage is characterized by weakness. Then the memory deteriorates. And then the complexity of the transition from one activity to another. Significant […]

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