The basic rules of diet.

Diets that work.

The basic rules of diet.

If you are ready to fight against excess weight, do not try to convince yourself that you will easily adhere to a week of prohibitions and restrictions. The basic rules of diet.

Of course, it’s not easy, but in fact over any result must always be at least a little, but to work hard. Frankly, this diet is pretty strict, and it requires a serious approach. But your «suffering» be limited to only one week, and the result will exceed all expectations. Start a diet on Monday — it’s always inspiring.

To help you lose weight and not have to suppress their thoughts about food when there is like, imagine that a diet — it’s a game. And you are sure to win the grand prize, if you pass all its stages. However, as in any game in the diet has its own rules. These rules need to be sure to comply, otherwise all your efforts will be wasted.
Regulation bit, you can have them write down on a large sheet of paper and hang it on the wall, that they are always before my eyes.

Every day, be sure to eat at least two dishes of cabbage soup prepared by one of the suggested recipes below.
This soup contains many essential for the body of nutrients. If you love to cook, you will be only a pleasure to periodically change the various soup recipes to the same freshly prepared food has advantages over harvested for future use.
If you have no time or you hate messing around in the kitchen, you can cook the soup for the whole week. All kinds of seasoning spices, vegetables and spices will make the necessary variety in your Lenten menu.

Eat everything that is specified in the daily menu.
This is very important, since the proposed diet is specially formulated to meet the needs of the body in minerals, fiber and amino acids. All products listed in the menu are of great importance for the regulation and weight loss.
Cabbage soup itself is very nutritious. All fruits and vegetables contain essential to our body substance and fiber. Chicken meat and fish that you eat on Friday and Saturday, will take into your body the necessary amount of protein. On Thursday, it allowed to eat bananas, and this is not surprising, as these exotic fruits contain a lot of valuable substances for the body and vitamins, especially vitamin A, niacin, potassium and even a little protein. All these elements will make your meal balanced and healthy. So do not miss a single ingredient!

Rule Three.
Eat as long as you feel satisfied, but not much else.
Vegetables and fruits are allowed to be consumed in large quantities, but do not overdo it, do not forget about common sense! This is a good rule, it is useful to you and when you come out of the diet.

Every day you can eat only those foods that allowed it to this day, though in almost unlimited quantities.
Accordingly, in this day, you can not use products intended for other days of the diet.
Obey these limitations, otherwise you will not be able to lose weight. Do not forget that a diet — it is a serious, disciplining work on yourself and your body. Daily verify with the Table of authorized products.

Each day can drink milk or skimmed or low-fat yogurt, drink but not both together.
Suppose you used the yogurt in the morning, which means that on this day you can not be drinking milk. The only exception to this rule — Thursday. On this day, one of the eight 200-gram batches of milk can be replaced with the same amount of yogurt.

Rule Six.
If you are cooking chicken, be sure to remove its skin.
The chicken skin contains an unimaginable amount of fat, does not give us ease.

Rule Seven.
Energy value of the finished dressings or sauces should not exceed 25 calories per teaspoon.

On the diet completely exclude the use of alcohol.


The basic rules of diet.

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